Happy birthday Jordan mafia!

It has been two days since the second anniversary for our little baby blog site. 13th October 2006 was the day our blog site has came to life and started functioning online, with the infamous post that started it all: I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed“.


The celebration of our first anniversary with statistics was on 13th of October 2007 with the blog entry “Happy Birthday. You’re gonna die“. And I bet Severus is still “Depressed”. Unfortunately, many of our friends had abandoned the site.


We have 490 posts, 332 drafts, contained within 589 categories and 250 tags and 2640 comments. We had been protected from 68,426 spam comments already, and there are 531 comments in our spam queue right now.

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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jordan mafia!

  1. damn it, i am not there, wait for me so i can have some.

    I am really happy with the site, even though i can’t find a good post that lure people, our biggest hit is the vampire, and to be honest, that post is somehow weak, what’s keep it going are actually the comments. maybe we need to add illegal stuff like cracks and copy games 😀

    I won’t do that. we got in trouble once when we put a clip of the simpsons.

  2. I would rather think that 95% of the internet users are stupid and search for stupid things! Our posts are of good quality regardless of what others might say WE RULEEEEE!
    and besides the 69000 spam comments, and the Traffic on our site prove that it is quit a good one!

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