50 Reasons to Date a Geek

By Jessica Merritt

In the dating world, geeks are often overlooked. However, many geeks are what you might call a diamond in the rough. Geeks make excellent boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. Although many of these are generalizations, we’ve found 50 reasons why geeks have a lot to offer the dating world.


Dating a geek means opening up a whole world of awesome technological abilities.

  1. A geek can fix your computer: If you’ve managed to screw something up on your computer, your geek will be happy to come to your rescue, and will probably find a solution that will ensure you won’t have the same problem again.
  2. Geeks can make your electonic life easier: Beyond computers, geeks can fix or improve upon your gadgets, home entertainment system, and any other electronic needs you have.
  3. You’ll have the most awesome home entertainment center ever: Geeks have great gadgets, so they usually have TVs, DVD players, and entertainment servers with loads of cool features.
  4. You’ll have awesome gadgets: Geeks love to share their passion for gadgets and geek toys, so you may just get a new smart phone for Valentine’s day.
  5. They can find you good deals: Geeks make for expert online bargain hunters, so you can always turn to them for help finding the best price for a big purchase.

Geeks in Love

These are some of the great things you’ll enjoy as the significant other of a geek.

  1. Geeks are passionate: A geek is someone that is obsessive or passionate about the things that interest them, including the person they are dating.
  2. Geeks aren’t cheaters: Your geek will be passionate about you, and tend to stay loyal. They’re also usually not socially adept enough to carry on an affair, anyway.
  3. Geeks are attentive: If you want someone who will dote on you and make sure that you’re always happy, a geek just might be able to give you that.
  4. They have the patience of a saint: If your geek can spend hours and days writing lines of code, playing games, or mastering equations, they have the patience to wait or work for just about anything.
  5. It’s easy to do your research: It’s almost always easy to find your geek on Google, so you can find out about all about them online.
  6. Your geek won’t be a jerk in public: Geeks tend to be quiet, not loud and annoying.
  7. A geek will actually call: Most geeks don’t understand how to be manipulative, so when they say they’ll call, they will.
  8. Geeks care more about happiness than traditional status: Geeks weren’t the cool kids in school, often choosing academics over sports and other activities that would make them popular. That means that they can resist the desire to look good for others, and choose your happiness instead.
  9. Geeks have good sex: Geeks are passionate about nearly everything they do, including sex. That means that geeks make very attentive lovers who work to make sure you’re pleased.
  10. It’s easy to make them happy: Geeks are often very simple creatures with transparent desires. You can often brighten their day just by bringing them a new geek toy or showing interest in their favorite new obscure movie.
  11. Geeks are not hard to find: Let’s face it, there are lots of geeks out there and not a lot of demand for them, so they are ripe for the picking. Better yet, they’re all over the Internet and easy to find on dating sites.
  12. They’ll support your passions: Geeks are passionate, so they understand when you obsess over a new hobby or business venture.
  13. Geeks enjoy creativity in bed: With a geek, you can try out new ideas in the bedroom, like cosplay and comic fantasies.
  14. A geek will be grateful to have you: In general, geeks don’t get a lot of dates, so they are often much more appreciative of your affection.
  15. They’ll be impressed by your cooking: While some geeks are excellent cooks, others are content to live on junk food. That means when you cook for them, they will be totally impressed.
  16. Geeks can be romantic: Although their idea of romantic date might be a blog post professing their love, geeks will go to great lengths to show they care.
  17. There are lots of good ones out there: Geeks tend to not be very active in the dating field, so there are plenty to choose from.
  18. Geeks are easy to buy gifts for: It’s easy to know what a geek wants-it’s on their Amazon wish list, or they’ve been openly obsessing about it for months.
  19. Geeks are easy to get ahold of: Geeks use multiple forms of communication, including text, telephone, email, and social networking.
  20. They’ll remember important dates: Most geeks are pretty organized and have good memory skills, so they’ll never forget your anniversary or birthday.

The Geek World

Here you’ll learn about some of the great things geek culture has to offer.

  1. Your geek will introduce you to new things: If you’re not a geek, dating one will open up a completely new world for you. Although the geek world may seem strange, you just might find that there are parts of it that interest you.
  2. Won’t ever have to be athletic: If you’re not the active type, you don’t have to worry about letting your geek down, because there’s a good chance they’re not interested in athletics either.
  3. Geeks can tell you about awesome movies: Your geek may not be interested in the latest blockbuster unless it’s based on a comic book or game, but they can introduce you to obscure and interesting movies.

Social Relations

Your geek may be better for your family and social life than you think. Here’s why.

  1. Geeks aren’t concerned with social norms: Geeks don’t play a lot of the silly social games that other people do, so they’re much easier to deal with than regular people.
  2. Their friends are nice: Geeks hang out with other geeks, so their friends will be just as sweet and polite as they are.
  3. They don’t care if you have a weird family: Geeks are almost always just a little weird, so they’ll lovingly accept your quirky family and probably fit right in.
  4. A geek will impress your family: Geeks show off for parents really well, as they often have good jobs, manners, and smarts. It also helps that they can help your mom ressurect her dead laptop and make an awesome slideshow for your Grandma’s birthday.

Geek Personality Traits

These are some of the personality traits that geeks tend to exhibit, and why they’re great for those who are dating them.

  1. Geeks are successful: Geeks don’t do anything halfway, so they tend to be very successful in their chosen field.
  2. Geeks take care of themselves: Most geeks are careful to avoid drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.
  3. Geeks pay attention to detail: Your geek will remember all of the little things that you love and hate.
  4. They are intelligent: Geeks are often well read and well educated, so they are smart and can carry on an intelligent conversation.
  5. They’re well informed: Geeks like to stay on top of news and current events, even if it’s just what they read on Digg.
  6. Geeks have wonderful imaginations: Geeks are always finding new and creative activities, so you’ll never be bored.
  7. They’re educated: As an educated person, your geek will have something interesting and intelligent to talk about, whether you actually understand it or not.
  8. They have a lot going on inside their minds: Geeks have a huge internal world to tap into once you’re in their trust.
  9. They respect grammar: Geeks tend to be perfectionists, and this habit extends to grammar.
  10. Geeks are rich: Your geek is most likely employed in a well paying field like science and technology.
  11. They’re not jerks: Although geeks have a lot to be proud of, they’re almost never full of themselves.
  12. Good taste in food: Although some are content with Doritos and Mountain Dew, lots of geeks are also foodies, so you’ll be treated to delicious dishes, awesome microbrews, and sweet, sweet wine.
  13. They make excellent parents: Your geek can tutor your kids and share video game time with them. They also make excellent role models for children.
  14. Geeks are slow to judge: Geeks are often judged themselves, so you won’t find that they are quick to judge you.
  15. Geeks are respectful: As intelligent people, geeks know well enough to be polite and respectful, even if they don’t always understand etiquette and social norms.
  16. Geeks give a damn: Geeks just try harder and are more intense than regular people.
  17. Geeks are straightforward: Playing games just isn’t logical, so you won’t generally find geeks playing mind games.
  18. Geeks are good problem solvers: If you have a problem, your geek will work obsessively to help you fix things.
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