American Election celebrities Video : Vote : Steven Spielberg’s Five Friends

The Pitch: What if I told you that Steven Spielberg just directed a project featuring Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Tobey Maguire, Scarlett Johannson, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, Ryan Reynolds, Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf (of course), Cameron Diaz, Snoop Dog, Zach Braff, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and even Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat. . The end result might actually be the least entertaining thing Spielberg has ever directed. But hey, it’s a 5-minute short film directed by Spielberg, so we gotta post it. And, hey, its a good message.

And remember , what you do inside a voting booth is a secret , you can even do a hand relif , as Borat is doning 🙂

Watch it, its worth it !!

and Vote damn it !!! Spidy and Indi asking you to vote !!!

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What is th ebest economical system?

I found this interesting. This was a poll done by The question is ” What is the best economical system?” and you can see that around 88% preferred the islamic economical system while 6% preferred the communism and 5% the capitalism.

I found this interesting that even though we are on a low level economically, people still believe in Islamic economical system. And i hope non-Arabs will see this, because i think they will be surprised that even they r superior economically, people don’t like their system that much.

My disappointement from EA: Red Alert 3

Ok, before u kill me, i still haven’t seen the game. The disappointment came from the following picture.

Yesterday, a representative from EA came to the university for recruiting/presentation. I attended and it was useful, of course it proved to me that I can’t work there, since I am a hardware not a software guy. Anyway there was free pizza and things were nice. at the end they made a raffle (sa7beh) and of course i won nothing ( i am not lucky in that). but they gave everyone a poster for Red Alert 3 which should come out in a week or two.

Here is the poster
Red Alert 3 poster

The weird thing, i wasn’t able to find the poster online, so I took a picture of it myself, that’s why not that clear. But I am offended that a real time strategy game with Apocalypse and Mirage tanks has a poster like this. It is like a playboy poster, not a war game. I really was excited for a nice poster to hang in my room, now I can’t. It make us look like girls deprived geeks (i don’t care whether this is true or not, I don’t want a poster to portray it). I am offended, I hope EA focus on the game more than stupid attractions like this.

I just hope that the game itself is not heavily loaded with similar posters and cutscenes. I am truly offended.

what you think?

Akaa events

This video been sent to me, I found it useful to share it. it has couple of small reactions of palestinian people about the Akaa events (for who doesn’t know, some Jews who live in Akaa attacked several houses of the Palestinians, it wasn’t military attack, it was civilians attacking civilians).

The economic crisis followup

I found this comment on and to be honest, it is really similar to what happend in reality

يُروى أن خبيراً مالياً سئل أن يبسط للناس العاديين أسباب الكارثة الحاصلة في أسواق البورصة.
فقال لهم إن رجلاً ذهب إلى قرية نائية، عارضاً على سكانها شراء كل حمار لديهم، بعشرة دولارات. فباع قسم كبير منهم حميرهم. بعدها رفع السعر إلى 15 دولاراً فباع آخرون. فرفع سعره إلى ثلاثين، حتى نفدت الحمير من لدى أهل القرية. عندها قال لهم: أدفع 50 دولاراً لقاء الحمار الواحد.
وذهب لتمضية نهاية الأسبوع في المدينة………
فجاء مساعده عارضاً على أهل القرية أن يبيعهم حميرهم السابقة بأربعين دولاراً للحمار الواحد، على أن يبيعوها مجدّداً لمعلمه بخمسين يوم الاثنين
فدفعوا كل مدّخراتهم ثمناً لحميرهم ومن لا يملك مال اقترض واستدان علي أمل تحقيق مكسب سريع ، وبعدها لم يروا الشاري ولا مساعده أبدا
جاء الأسبوع التالي، وفي القرية أمران: ديون، وحمير…هكذا حدثت أزمة البورصة الحالية…

the main difference i can see is, it is not only one main business man who was the buyer, but after the first raise in prices, everyone in the village start buying from each other and selling it to him.