another simple trick

hello, i received another excel file with a password, the hint it

1,2,6,42,1806, ______? the sixth number is the password, have fun

just felt like sharing

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10 thoughts on “another simple trick

  1. nice one Mr. “King of the world, the next Processor inventor”

    will release the formula next 🙂
    BTW, am coming to Seattle and NYC on the 24th if anyone is near

  2. our severo grew wings and ready to fly ={, goodluck o have fun !.

    P.S : if it really did work out for u there dont forget the life partner deal !


    the winner team of the Winning Eleven cup! hehehehe

    Good old days that are only less than a month old!

  4. donno if i shall do, but here is a hint that might help, u should use a number 3 times in three different mathematical processe (x^2 is a process!)

    Good luck =)

  5. lol! dude I am trying to say that power can be used to solve it! now am the one confused =)

    x*x = x^2 hehehe! but i am trying to confuse him as the hint was quit easy! 😉

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