The Arabs and the Olympics

Far by now anyone can notice the ultimate failure of our great Arab nation in the Olympics! I mean look at us, 250 million with only one golden medal and bronze one in swimming and judo! Then you see a small country like Denmark with a population of 5 million gaining 4 medals! And today as the Tunisian guy win his medal gold in swimming, you see reports saying that this had proven for all critics that Arab athletics are just as good as the others.


First congratulations for the Tunisian and Algerian guys who won the medals, for them only, because what they have done is a true miracle. Look at Arabic athletic organizations; they lack everything from infrastructure to ultra structure, very pathetic. Most of these organizations are even lead by guys from the ruling family of Arab countries, ameer or sheik or what ever, and they know nothing about sports, but you see them being the heads of these organizations!


Cuba which is a very poor country had 8 medals; do not tell me that they have more money made from Cuban cigar than money made from oil in Arab countries! And yet they rank 12 far by now in the Olympics. An athlete must be taken care of since childhood, must be raised mentally and physically very well and must be extremely conditioned to gain medals!


Today I was telling my mam that I want my little brother to start training MMA at source academy in Jordan. She said BLA MOLAKMA BLA HAM 5LEE YDROS A7SANLO! How come? I really do not know! I want him to have his black belt by 25 2nsha2 Allah and she wants him to stay studying! He can do both am sure! But we think that if a child loves sport then he is an ass dump at school! WHO SAID SOOOO? When I was 0-12 years, I could not go outside home to do anything, even my bedroom; I could not go there, my mam used to say bed rooms are for sleeping only (with slaps and punches)! They hanged me a basket ball board at my room and I was punished hard if I try to through anything through it? OMG!


Unfortunately, the major of physical education in our universities sux too! You see guys with an average of 60 in Tawjihi going for Sharee3a or physical education! And psychological studies are also totally neglected in our universities and in what they call training of the athletes! So you see the guy going easily through depression and feel terrified when it comes to competitions, and thinking about how to leap above the wall in his neighborhood to escape ABU RB7EE SA7B ELDOKAN!


Even economically, the best athlete probably works in shoes repairing (kondarji) to make his living. And he get 120 JD from the national organization he belong to WO B7MLO ABU 10000 JMELA 3LAEEHOM, they do not know that they only add to his taxes burden. And what about nutrition? Girls study nutrition at the university as an equivalent for TDBEER MANZLI because they think it grants them a better husband grrrrrrrr! The athletes are supposed to stay under tight control when it comes to what they eat! But Arab athletes are different! They eat MAGLOBA all the time, but to be fair with different flavors, MAGLOBT BTNGAN OR MAGLOBT BA6A6A and you now the rest! And at the best he eats MANSAF or MJADARA!


We really need to start building our nation physically. The coming Olympics is at Qatar and it would be a shame if we don’t rank high, omg it is already a shame =( I can see it!


An Athlete is supposed to live better and longer, but when he is Arabic BMOOT NAGS 3OMOR! A salutation from me to every athlete in our Arabic world for they are really one of the Martyred that lives dreaming and dies dreaming! I really wish it gets better, and that next Olympics we get 3 medals, and that the increment of 1 medal per 4 years stay or increase a little bit.

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4 thoughts on “The Arabs and the Olympics

  1. I completely agree. This is actually one of the things that i liked in america, and planning to carry it on with my family inshallah.

    most people i talk to have a special talent, like yea i been swimming for 6 years, or playing karate for 10 years. all of them has one of those. we got nothing, it takes me really had thinking to see , did i do any sports for long periods, and there is NONE, at all.

    inshallah we will learn from this and teach our kids to have a sport from the beginning of their childhood. i am not aim for Olympics, but i want my child to have a sport he excels in.

    inshallah the arab nation will evolve as u said.

  2. I am not aiming for the olympics too! And I was shocked by the fact that many of these athletes actually start training in 20s of their life!

    I will let them do so 2nsha2 Allah, but am also aiming to start training on one of those! specially that life will be boring from now on! and I shall be a model for them! (I mean my kids =) )

  3. yuri, u still have time, go join something, and i don’t mean weight lifting, i am planning to join the kick boxing club here. find some sport there. weight lifting is great, but it is not a sport.

  4. did I say weight lifting??!! I want to train in MMA! it is nice man! it includes kick boxing, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu! though sometimes the mix is different according to the school u train in, but the point is that they teach you how to dominate while u are on ur feet (kick boxing) and how to dominate while on ground (wrestling)! in addition to submission (Jiu Jitsu)!

    But the problem is that to reach high belts such as brown and black u have to compete in tournments! So, I was thinking, that I will train for long time as my body permits to stand the training (it is quit tough) and that can be till late 30’s then I will 2nsha2 Allah switch to Aikido! I am thinking about creating a martial art for Muslims! u see that would be good, and any guy who learn this martial art and use it in good ways, will add to my record in judgement day =)

    BTW the soviet union ordered one of his well known Judo warriors to creat a one special for them, it is called russian sambo I think! he was later killed by the authourties for refusing to admit that he was not effected by the different types of Japanese martial arts such as aikido, Jiu Jistu and Judo. He was effected by them and refused to lie so he was killed =)

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