Definitely, Maybe

So i just finished This movie “Definitely, Maybe ” , i got an early screener  2 months ago, and i just watched iit


Its just amazing , and the ending , actuality the last 12 min, are just WOW !!!

I never thought that such an ending for such a movie , but that Isla Fisher and Ryan Reynolds

and Rachel Weisz was AWESOME ,  but i hated  Elizabeth Banks , i always hate her , even in scrubs

Abigail Breslin was just adorable 🙂 , i hope she doesn’t turn to a new lohan when she is older !!

i always liked Ryan Reynolds , he is a great acotor

and people you should watch this MOVIE !!!

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5 thoughts on “Definitely, Maybe

  1. did u make this post just to make us click the imdb links ? coz the film is tagged under ” romantic comedy “…shall i say more ?

  2. yes i saw that on IMDB, thats why i didnt watch it , untill yesterday
    bs it turns out to be Magical ya zalameh
    soo Magical

  3. Yes , i did write it all
    and the reason for the imdb links, and Wikis , because i want to improve the U/V E on this site , so from now on, everything that needs a link, will have a link 🙂

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