Bash Mohandes 3la rasak

Hello my friends,
here is some of the pictures of my graduation, wo 3o2balkom jamee3an, and u need to address me now bash mohandes unless u r bash mohandess too, then u can just call me by my name. and just in case u forgot, i am now a computer engineer, i am currently in Virignia to continue my masters in University of Virginia

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8 thoughts on “Bash Mohandes 3la rasak

  1. Mbrouk Bash Mohands =) nice party! I won’t be having a part for my graduation but thia thusday I will be likely having “3arada” after my defence! this stinks wish me that this won’t happen 2nhsa2 Allah!

    And good luck in ur Masters buddy =)

  2. hehe…saw the title couldn’t help but read and comment…congratz bash mohandes ! 3o2bali also…am sure it was painful enough for u to be this happy 😉 good luck in your Masters !

  3. btw I just noticed “3la rasak”! u are forgetting that nablseen are majority in this site and they would be glade to be “3la ras-hom”! hehehe

  4. teslomo shabab, and this wasn’t a aprty, that was the graduation cermony itself.

    yallah shabbab inshallah menshoofkom qareeban, 11th of june around 6 pm i will be in jordan inshallah

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