HELP : 2008-09 New TV Series, Promo Clips

Here are the clips I’ve found for some of the new shows coming up this next TV season. If you happen to find more that I don’t have, Can you help, which one do you think its cool enough to start watching ??? ! for all the new TV series clips click More

Dollhouse preview shown at the Upfronts:

Scene from Dollhouse:

Three clips from & about Fringe:

Do Not Disturb preview shown at Upfronts:

Sit Down Shut Up
Short clip with Will Arnett, Henry Winkler & Justin Bateman:

The whole cast at a table read, introducing their characters & stuff:

Life On Mars

*NEW* 90210

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One thought on “HELP : 2008-09 New TV Series, Promo Clips

  1. well since some vids are not showing i can only comment on last 2 : life on mars , new 90210 .
    both are total crap ,

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