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Najoua Belyzel

I’ve been looking for this particular song for at least 2 years. I had no idea what its name was nor the name of the singer. All my contact with the song was listening to it 3 times in very seperated times on our good local radio 96.3 FM. But finally with the help of an Austrian guy from the french realms in WoW I got to find it. I had this thingy for songs in languages I can’t comprehend as being spiritual, especially this song. As a plus, the singer is so freaking hot, the lyrics after translation, to my surprise, weren’t the typical love songs lyrics you’d expect them to be. Actually, to the twisted minds they can be understood in a dark way.

The song’s name is “Gabriel”

Najoua Bleyzel – Gabriel

P.S Elixir, Severus and whoever agrees with them in their expected comment about this post. You can have sexual intercourse with yourself the way Deya2 prefers it.. Through the ears.

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19 thoughts on “Band of the Week

  1. fellow readers, please click the link and check the ” related videos ” for my comment 😀 .

  2. btw I took ur PM on msn and paste it to google! I saw the song before I know u posted on the site! hehehe!

    the poster u got is pretty nice! I do not mean the girls alone! but the whole pic is nice!

  3. i was going to post the armour g@y / g@y love , as a reply to Elune, bs XZeeR ur fast, it seems u got a new ADSL connection

    but seriously
    since french failed me before, and in order to understand any song i need to know what they say , :s, so would some body but the lyrics in english please i dont wanna look for them , am too lazy to do that :s

    i hate the song talking about Jibreel, like if hes your friendly neighborhood “Gabriel” , i just hate it !!

    PS: all of what i got from the song was kilo swat, wahts that !!!

  4. it seems that am nt that lazy
    here is the english lyrics
    and i had to admit, the lyrics are not as bad as i thought, plus i kinda like her voice
    and XZeeR, dont start it, u know i have the thing for blond girls with diff lang (remember M2M days !!)

    Here are already 2 translations I found on


    Gabriel, Gabriel
    Gabriel, I wait
    For some of the feelings
    That your soul throws itself into the water
    In my bodily ocean

    Some zephyr, a bit of wind
    You lie like an infant
    And you flee all around up above
    As soon as your sky splits

    Are you made for him, are you made for me?
    I don’t wait for a sign of you
    If you have his evil, I have your evil
    That may be so, but tell me, tell me
    Are you made for him, are you made for me?
    I don’t wait for a sign of you
    If you have his evil, I have your evil
    Tell me, tell me

    Gabriel, My king
    My angel who I believe in
    If love comes from above
    Will you make a choice?

    Some zephyr, you lie (It’s possible that she says: “You know to flee, you die”)
    The fever in the blood
    I pray for a new me
    You come back to me in time


    Gabriel, Gabriel
    Gabriel, wait
    For more than a feeling
    Than a pleasure that burns his skin
    Both wings come forth

    Are you made for him, are you made for me?
    Are you made for him, are you made for me?
    Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel
    Are you made for him
    Are you made for me?

    Je Ferme les Yeux / I Close My Eyes

    It is not enough
    That we left you and me there
    For that obliterates my pain
    The world is so evil down here!

    I want universal love
    The alone, the true
    Rediscover the spark
    Kneeling, I address the hand in the sky
    Kneeling, in blood…

    I close my eyes, Oh, I close my eyes
    I know that he hears me
    I close my eyes, yes, I close my eyes
    The hope resumes to me

    Even it is not a question itself
    To love ourselves stronger, you and me
    Oh my love…
    Forgive me…
    I feel so evil down here!

    I tighten my hands around the light
    So that it rebirths your Gardens of Eden
    To a flower of skin, I implore the eternal
    Kneeling, in blood…


    I believe in you, I believe in me


  5. “Gabriel, Gabriel
    Gabriel, I wait
    For some of the feelings

    thats what ur liking severO , thats ….what ur liking -.-

  6. XZeeR , HELP !!

    that song is stuck in my head, i keep remembering it in my DE class, i even went as fast as i can to the office to watch it again !!!

    Help !!

  7. what’s ganging? My english is getting rusty. Maybe I should be on the lookouts for a new second language

  8. And as a bonus comment here:
    The best band that plays songs that are just awesome to play games while listening to is by far SOIL!!


  9. if you hate Soil for some reason then you are by definition gay and hate Jesus. It’s written in the bible.

  10. The bitch is of arabic descent! Moroccan father and Egyptian mother. I knew there was something weird about her -.-

    I apologize for the post

  11. Who is Soil is a very acceptable answer from people like you Elixir. I’m not in the least bit amazed at that. However, you’ll have to do some research or have that submissive servant of yours that you call Severus do that for you. He’s quite experienced with googling stuff.

    However, I can tell you that PvP is 54377684376 times more enjoyable if you do it whilst listening to their songs. You don’t enjoy PvP at all? Then you’re gay and Jesus thinks you’re pathetic. It’s written in the bible.

  12. u have just commited the ultra omega sin of all, u’ve gone against severO and called him a servant, u see i HAVE to please severO each week by presenting food, and bloodfilled redhead virgins to him , and thats how i get my data . which is a simple trade dont u think ?

    so now -elune- when ur computer is in danger, and/or ur looking for the help from SeverO the Linda-Bringer , guess what ? UR not getting it!.

    and for soil matter : wat ?


    now that I’m done with the intro, let’s get into the subject. Muse are nice, I can’t say I love them but I enjoy a very narrow selection from their songs. However, Muse, like Pearl Jam and certain other bands, require you to be in the mood for particulary their music to actually tune in when you listen to them and enjoy the song. Ya3n you have to be in the “muse” mood to listen to Muse music. That being said, I can’t see how I could listen to them while playing.

    Another point worth mentioning is that we were talking about playing about a non-gay game. Muse + game.. what the hell is that combination? I hope you were refering to Solitaire when you said play.

    If you’re not called Malek and you got to read this line then you need spanking and I’m not responding to any replies to this comment from you

  14. you? you did not specify who is “you”…Muse does not a mood, it is good for gaming because it is loud and energetic. they are def. not gay too.

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