For me. Today I’m undergoing the first final exam which signals the start of a 23 days of finals for me. With the concurrent unbanning of my WoW account it’s just more of a challenge. Keep me in your prayers, and if you don’t pray then this might be the perfect time for you to start.

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5 thoughts on “Pray..

  1. We are waiting for the results u bas6ards
    and if ur praying /#include
    he is going under the knife today
    enshalla ygoom be el salameh

  2. hayne gomt, bas not bel salameh at all, i actually almost died when they tried waking me up, was concious but far from being in control, sucked soo bad :(, they wanted to do this air thing in my chest coz my throat was pretty much screwed, bas 7amdolelah it worked out

  3. salamat ya man! 2nsha2 Allah u get better soon! is it in ur throat? dude the surgical operations sucks! I had a one 4 years ago and although it was very simple but I know the feeling! F#$K elune and his kind =)

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