Hell, It’s About Time!

I tried my best to add media but couldn’t. Anyways hope any of you could get the game when it’s out, and tell me what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Hell, It’s About Time!

  1. thanks for joining in, ghazal.

    about the trailer, i have seen it while back. there is even a trailer with a sample of the game play, see that one, it will actually show you a taste of the game.

    Last thing i heard is that blizzard refuses to actually put a date for release so it is still unknown, but inshallah we will get it as soon as it is available. then we will recreate the ittihad computer lab times 😀

  2. cool, the movie kinda sucked to be honest but cant say that about the game 😀 ,Severo supply us with ur Info plz :D.
    and dunno why but this vid reminds me of Fallout3 which should be released in the upcoming 6 months hopefully,hope they didnt mess up the storyline

  3. hey! yea this one is pretty old! see the game play! it is unbelievable! But I heard that they are working currently on balancing the game because there were some kinds of invincible units! And btw there are already fan art section at the official starcraft II site. u must see them!

  4. we must have that game:) , been ages since i played any strategic game-empire earth 2 doesnt count coz it sux -.

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