Pulp Fiction – Simpsons and Cartoon style

Here is some Cartoons about the Best Cult movie Ever
Pulp Fiction

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9 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction – Simpsons and Cartoon style

  1. lame , pulp fiction isnt the best movie, its cool but not the best, u always fail severO seems u lost ur touch :P.

    P.S : i’ll be removing my ” lowaz ” thingy next week , so i’ll be expecting alot of ice cream ? 😀

  2. XZEER….WTF!!! Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies of all times, and def. the best movie of the 90s..!

  3. malik keef 7alak ya zalameh ! sho msawi keef el wlad ? 😛
    anyway i said its a cool movie and i enjoyed it but its not on the top 5 movies in my list, unless ur talking 90s then yeah its one of the best in there 😉

  4. Malik, excuse XZeer, he is having his Louwwaz removed , along with “johnny” his left ball
    so Yes, he will be a One ball man after all
    thats why he have this girlish emo
    3ala kolen
    Pulp fiction is The greatest cult movie

  5. let’s be frank. i watched this movie somehow recently, and it was not that good. probably because i watched it alone and everybody keep raising my expectation. but again this movie is different from others, so it is unfair to compare it to other movies which has a clear storyline.

    pulp fiction is more of a normal day in the lives of a gang, so they don’t have big story or climax, but a bunch of small semi- ordinary stories. so this movie is in a different category than others, maybe that’s why people like it very much.

    i didn’t hate it, but i won’t say it is one of my best movies, it is just a different kind of movie.

  6. so saad kinda agrees with me , and i dont think saad is having his lowaz removed so HA, u guys hate me coz i have 2 balls left in my body 🙁

  7. After last night’s visit to the hospital, we can be pretty sure that Elixir has more than 2 balls in his body for the time being

  8. Yeps, Confirmed the news 5 mins ago after a phone call with Elixir’s doctor. He has 3 balls: 2 eyes and a spherical foreign body stuck in his throat

  9. :0, u were mocking me while i was suffering ? then shall i laugh at the guildless cow u’ve become ? my Bagara will own urz buddy, just watch

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