South-park- youtube Paradoy

Chocolate Rain: < --- boring really

Sneezing Panda: < --- this one is very funny

Laughing Baby: < --- not bad

Tron guy: < ---- I am not sure if this is the right tron guy link, pretty boring

Numa Numa: < --- Funny

Star Wras kid: < --- I found two ones, liked the second one


Afro Ninja: < ----- Freakin funny

Dramatic Look: < --- good one

of course and What what in the butt:

ok, i think that’s it, watch the episode it is really funny

here is the link for the episode

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One thought on “South-park- youtube Paradoy

  1. ty alot dude :), wanted to search for them myself when i saw the eps, but my connection wont make it any easier :(, btw chocolate rain is not so bad 😉

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