blondie: The Most Spoiled Girl In The World !!!

So now ?? What did your dad bring you for your 15th Birthday ???

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5 thoughts on “blondie: The Most Spoiled Girl In The World !!!

  1. ok i cant continue this video, mafia has been tainted by such post, i blame elune for both the stupidity of this girl, and for the lack of choco cake in my belly 🙁

  2. stop it you guys … you are all jealous ::
    wy ? cause ??
    1-you are NOT gorgeous
    2- you don’t have nice clothes
    3-and not the Right Tan
    4- and you parents Always tell you NO
    5-and they don’t get you a Gift everyday
    6-Its Not “3eed” adha everyday also !
    7-and you dont sparkle !!!
    8-your name is NOT Alicia

    having said that , No malik that girl wont be that when she hit 18, ::

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