Best PC Games of 2007

According to, a site that simply takes the review scores from the major gaming publications and averages them, the top 14 games of last year (as many as I can fit into a screenshot) were:


Via Stardock 

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5 thoughts on “Best PC Games of 2007

  1. guess what game will score number one for 2008 games? Wrath of the lich king!! 😛
    and i heard alot of good reviews on ” world in conflict” should try that one

  2. i tried that one, world in conflict, it has interesting idea, but i bet to be most fun friends need to play it online. the idea it is a real time strategy game but you can only purchase few units and you don’t even build anybuildings, so around 4 tanks, and 2 infantry. that will be your squad, in the campaign you have some objectives that can be done with such small army, on the internet u play like 8 vs 8 and each player will have small squad. i bet that is fun, but some noob player may ruin thing.

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