Am sorry guys! This is the strAw that broke Alba3eer’s back!

So I do not know how to start this post! Actually do u remember the fight I had with Malik the little boy =) at that time he said something like be simple like yanal and s3d! No offence but I can not be that low man (bahhha this is I.M back again am just I.Ming on you guys!) Actually yea! I should be just like them!

Ok here is the story! I have some problems! Actually I just keep thinking about future! And when this future is too close I just feel very very very bad! Why? Actually I had this strict plan for my future! And actually stupidly enough I want it to be what I want! Just the same! So that what happened at tawjihi! At the end I was very confused! And I remember when we once went to eat from 3bood at the final exams; me, malik, yanal, s3d and haitham went to set in dwar elmadena! I said something about why I was waiting that much for tawjihi to end! The university will be just the same as the school!

I was overloading my self with thinking about future! So I made many stupid mistakes! I tried too many times to avoid my friends! So am sorry guys about the email I sent long time ago! But this is not the subject! Now that next semester am graduating 2nsha2 Allah! I did the same thing! It all started a year ago! I started to draw my future step by step! Each time I discovered that one of those steps will fail I would feel too bad for a couple of weeks! Then I proceed with another plan! The same thing happened to 7 plans! That was tiring! Man I just wake up to find my soul has aged way beyond my real age! To feel so tired and that a mountain is laying on my shoulders!

It happened that a little time ago one of my fellows (S3d actually) said something to me! It was like when Allah sent the crow for habeel when he killed his brother. I will not say it! So just like tawjihi! I will 2nsha2 Allah graduate with out any imagining my future! And actually I have changed my schedule for next semester to live my last semester and enjoy it as much as possible! (btw yanal Wednesdays will be brakes on my new schedule 2nsha2 Allah :p).

Actually one day I did not exist! I was nothing! Allah created me! So why am I so worried????

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15 thoughts on “Am sorry guys! This is the strAw that broke Alba3eer’s back!

  1. hehe man there is no reason at all to worry about the future, u have no power what so ever over time and the events yet to come, so why worry about it ?
    i never worry about anything, some ppl take this as a sign of ” hamaleh ” and if it is then im happy with it; coz im relaxed all the time – except while playing with haitham – and just go with the flow.
    and i’ll quote the IT : ” they flow, they all flow!”

  2. for the record….this is the third person agrees with me on sth here….hahaha…

    i had the same problem when i came here to the US but one of the professors here told me:”enjoy the process, not the goal” …and it is kinda easier that way…you feel better the whole time…

  3. Malik I expected this reply!

    Xzeer yea I just discovered this soon! Sad I did not know this before! but still I have time 2nsha2 Allah to compensate!

    actually am glad I knew this now! it would be bad to know it when I have a heart attack!

  4. i am completely lost. and i hate to admit this, but i can’t recall the crow incident, anyway gotta go ice skating, later ( i am still not gay :p)

  5. That’s pretty deep. If I could get to the place you are at now I’d live a happy life, or would I?

    Strange enough, This very day I was reading a poem posted on some wall mag in the hospital about this. I will ensha2allah memorize it tomorrow and get it to you. But I will try to tell you how I like to understand it.
    All of us here are gamers, good gamers too. In a game like RA2 when you deploy your first attack or lay out the first defense line you actually have a vision in mind. The idea that displays all your enemy attacks failing because of the position of that tesla coil, the scattered mirage tanks going unnoticed..blablabla. But still you have a good 4-5 steps ahead of time in all directions (by all directions I mean other scenarios). You have a good idea about what’s to be done if something fails etc. Life can seriously be as simple as that. You can always run away with that 1 conscript and find a new MCV to start all over again. We lack perseverance but it’s my sadness that actually keep me going. Sadness means that you still care (which can be good or bad). It doesn’t matter whether you fail or succeed as long as you’re working some alternative inside that little plastic ball that you like to call “my brain”.
    Thinking this way, I don’t want you to be happy like that.

  6. It is but a small matter to seize control of the flow of our lives for we bear allegiance to powers untouched by time, unmoved by fate. No force on this world or beyond harbors the strength to bend our knee. Not a cascade of failures at least.

  7. thanx for what u said man! but actually what I was worried about is something I can not ctrl! actually my future plans has little to do with it! I will speak of it! I told it to many before! it is something I hate about me! which is looking younger than my real age!

    I just feel this will make me some problems when I start my coming life! that is all!

    and yea I still have the alternativies in my mind for many things! it is not that I just stopped completely thinking about future! but if 100% of my time is consumed by future! then one day I will wake up to find that I lost he past and the present trying to reach a future that only exist in my mind!

  8. well done elune! , thats actually a good answer that comes from the likes of u .
    but dont u think life varries just a little bit from games ? i remember in command & conquer : tiberian sun ; i had 3 different strategies for the NOD :
    1. plan A has around 60% chance to totally destroy the invading units before they even get to my land – which is all the surrounding area lets say 500 meters from my farthest building- ,
    2. Plan B : if any of the units survived there should be a good ground units to kick their asses.
    3. Plan C: if that didnt work , then im most likely screwed so i use the ” load game ” strategy .

    but sadly in RL there is no load game , so the point is that if ur strategies fail in RL it could be devastating, and that also mean a real headache to just keep planning ahead for every step u make.
    and i kinda lost the point of the whole thing now so i’ll just shush 😛

  9. What’s RL? Btw am sending from a mobile =) so the site z good thought I think little optimization for the mobile web would be fine! =) peace out!

  10. I’m always too late. You need to give me motivation to start checking the mafia more often.

    Elixir, your strategy sucks man. NOD were my favorite and they are truly imbalanced in that game but I remember back then it was me playing the NOD cd and Nader playing the GDI cd and god damn when you put such a game in the hands of nader he’ll exploit every fucking thing to the max. Remember when they tell you “La youjad kabeer fee korat al qadam”. The same thing applies to strategy games

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