The happy play list …..

hey all,

so i think this is not a new idea, but it is better when a bunch of people do it together. The idea is to write down the songs which will make anyone feel better in case the person is feeling down. it is important to note that the songs should be happy, not more depressing. i am gonna start with few of my songs….get more, let us make a remarkable play list..

1) Beautiful Day – U2
2) Dream on – Aerosmith
3) Here comes the sun – The Beatles
4) Beat it – Michael Jackson

i will add some more later….write yours

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2 thoughts on “The happy play list …..

  1. man did u tried “eat it” for Weird Al’! I hink this make u feel good =)

    it is really unbelivable! my little bro now is a big fan of Michael! when am down I love to watch DBZ! the best fight ever! and the themes are perefect! I also might go for one of death note episods! I like it when L’s sound is decoded! wanna try recording my voice and decoding it! who is up for the idea?

  2. i think severus might like a decoded voice, and about the list ; its not my field of interest to find happy songs, so i out of it 🙂 gl!

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