Songs to share

hey guys,

these are three extra-awesome songs i know…listen and judge…but listen to the end …the songs are tagged from youtube, but if you want them i will send them …

first….Psyhco Killer by Talking Heads

second… army nation by White Stripes….(this is really famous)

third….Kids with Guns by Gorillaz

remember listen to the last second before you judge…these songs are out of usual …so give it a chance

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7 thoughts on “Songs to share

  1. the “White Stripes” one, was made famous by the Simpsons, where they show it in one of the eps of S17 or S18, i like “White Stripes”, and they got a nice beat with the drums … i dont wanna comment on the other two
    but its worth to say, that i like Maliks taste in music more than Elune

  2. no dude…
    the one in the simpsons is “the hardest button to button” sounds similar to this song but it is actually a different one…

    youtube it ….

  3. kids with guns is nice! but try “fire coming out from monkey’s head”! Gorillaz rock man! btw the first line in ur post “hey guys” remind me of a gay prof we have! ask ur bro about him 😉

  4. yea! do u have anyothers man? btw try the whole gorillaz album! it is I think demon days! or smthing like this!

  5. The songs are nice. I’d like to second Supremus on the “Fire coming out from Monkey’s head” song. It’s really awesome. I think I got the whole Album from Yuri once and lost it somewhere between the trash in my room. I’ll give it sometime and try to find it tonight

  6. sadly idont have the bandwidth to stream the songs, but i know the seven nation army song and i love it!. i actually hunted it down after seeing the video.

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