Insomnic Reborn

A body lacking rest

As tired as a dying star

The mind would wander of

To lands remote and far

The shakes obey a will

That shatters any sleep

An urge to scratch the wounds

that lie within so deep

Entombed inside a shell

Ignoring moon and sun

Discard a mortal life

Till God decides it’s done

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8 thoughts on “Insomnic Reborn

  1. Elixir, you are seriously abusing the /care privileges given to us by God. I’ve been through many convos with many 6 years old peeps who’d keep spamming you with /care even if you say hello. I’m not sure if I should expect anything better from you but seriously, at least use it in appropriate situations.
    Now be a good boy and tell me what exactly is the thing you don’t care about. Are there any facts in the poem that you don’t care about? Are there any opinions expressed that you don’t care about? Is there anything that any intelligent life form can /care about?
    If you just don’t care about the whole thing then you’re a fucking lying conformist because of all those that read this you “cared” enough to actually comment.
    Severus clearly expressed his not-caring opinion towards this post by not commenting. You are actually, in a dumb way, trying to say “Yay! I’m cool enough to not care about this!”. Sorry I had to use the word cool again 🙁

  2. aww /care means i dont care? i thought it meant i totally agree and care for the idiotic person who wrote this post!.
    u see elune i am a 12 year old in mind and i dont deny it, yeah i want to act cool and use “zomg rofl uberbackslash …etc”
    but the /care what directed to the “gn ” u hit us with not the poem, the poem was actually interesting in way,but the gn seemed to mock the “peeps” who enjoy their sleep like i do, so it was meant to say ” screw u insomnic dude, i like my bed”.

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