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Sum 41

They are, again, a punch of youngsters that are prone to getting trashed by Elixir and Severus. Naturally, all of us care about what Elixir and Severus think about stuff. Nader first made me listen to one of their songs which was quite boring. In time I just got familiar to it and then I got curious enough to bonder a bit more around the meanings and they proved to be at least interesting. The music fails at many points in the song, it gets crammed sometimes but the overall isn’t bad.

It’s like a bad dream,
That’s becoming all so true,
Leaving me with nothing else left to do.
Now so helpless,
I’m not so selfish.
Tell me,
How does it feel to have a face like that,
How does it feel to be replaced like that.
Now so faceless,
Do you still feel?

This isn’t me,
This isn’t you,
But it’s just everything we do.
Till you open up your eyes,
and understand this isn’t real.
This isn’t me,
This isn’t you,
This is everything but true,
Till we come to realize,
It’s what we put each other through.

“Open Your Eyes”

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5 thoughts on “Band of the Week

  1. u got it wrong this time, sum41 are not bad at all, they have a beautiful guitar sound which i like, some of their songs are cool. but they are like snacks ; a band that u like to hear in the car while going to uni or sth like that.

  2. sum41 are good….but you can not listen to them after listening to other is like they are just a phase

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