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Tribal Ink

I’ve been listening for this song for about two years now without knowing who sings it. It’s in my previous received files so someone must have sent it to me. Anyways, it’s only one song. I’ll try to look for more songs and get back with some better feedback. But if their other songs are anywhere as good as this song then they are a pretty impressive band. For some reason, this song was included in some edited version of Linkin Park’s latest album “Minutes to Midnight”. This will be a cool band and no cool kids will be knowing it. Go Go Tribal Ink!

photo of Tribal Ink


Release me from a world unkind
A world where the blind is leading the blind
It’s so unfair that i can’t feel free
That i have to be what you want me to be
Shadows of the past keep stabbing my back
Reminding me of when i slipped out of track
Wasting their time and nothing more leave done
And time when the restless keeps on doing it

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21 thoughts on “Band of the Week

  1. haaaaaaaaaahahahaha elune face OWNS!!, and about the band i dont even want to know , its probably some lame gayish band like the rest of ur bands

  2. I honestly think that both of you are just two fucked up stereotypes who are stupid enough to think that shawerma is only better than falafel just because it goes under the category “Meats”.

    If you don’t understand that then I feel sorry for you.

    And to show you how serious I am about it, I’ll type it one more time for you:
    You are fucking retards that believe adding an instrument + raising the whole note a couple of octaves to gain entry into some new genre is what makes music cool.

    Actually, I want one of you to decide which is the coolest song he’s listened in his whole life and you be damn sure I’ll either prove its lyrics and music bad and senseless or I’ll prove that it’s not any different from the bands I’ve been posting here.

    And in all cases, if you trash any band I post about here from now on, Elixir, then you’re on your own in WoW. I hate stupid people.

  3. I’m resisting an urge to flame you two in your persons. Third time to get this feeling and I’m muting it once again. That’s bad

  4. And “soft” elune is the one that’s being always asked by Elixir “Leave these Alliance people alone”, fucking pussy. Too clumsy to be real

  5. and you are ext retard if you think a bunch of 15 years old “boys” who failed to transform to “gals” or even “khyara” red t-shirt wearing , can preform any type of music , its enough that the song was included in a “edited version of Linkin Park” how lame they can get !!!
    A COOL “edited version of Linkin Park” WOULD BE AN EMPTY TAPE !!!!

    and BooHOOO mad soft Elune who wanna prove !!

    ill take you on any day.. its Just ” YOU dont get it”
    fa there is NO point of even trying

  6. I’m slipping way far out of context here but this is the first thing that occurred to me when I read this. Remember that story with 3omar ben 3abd al 3azeez and those people who came to visit him. Then some youngster tried to speak and he was asked to shut up and then he said something about age not being what matters?

    I will have to totally agree with you that their looks, age and maybe personalities are not to my likings but if you judge music by the looks or personality of the band then my friend you are too superficial.

    A singer 6aresh 7alo dhan abyad + add some ketchup for some blood graphics and then play a song by Britney Spears only making her scream a bit and raising the bass will be about your favorite band.

  7. And like Soubani once said: “It’s easier to attack than to defend”. Enlighten me with your standards of a good music band and then let us talk.

    If you have no standards for a good band then you shouldn’t be commenting here since it really won’t mean anything to you. At that point trashing 15-yrs old and 60-yrs old would be the same since all music would be sucky in your opinion.

  8. Ok, am gonna take you on that
    cool music isnt always “couple of octaves ” up, and there is some bad lame music with a “couple of octaves up”
    for that
    am writting the Next band of the week, and its not gonna be one of those “couple of octaves up” bands
    and we will see !!!
    good enough??

  9. and about Shawerma and Falafel

    Falafel Rocks
    and Shawerma Rocks too
    But ma tejii be el “Meats”
    Nothing Rocks More !!!

  10. funny, funny elune .
    im starting to see that ” Emo elune ” thing really, first shawerma kicks falafel’s ass anyday. shawerma never gave me stomache trouble because of a bad “zeet” and falafel is just something to make u miss shawerma.
    about the bands i never liked any evil-wannabe bands, and most of the metal bands are NOT white-faced bloodfilled as u said, so its u who is sterotype asshole.
    and about showing off our bands yeah fine by me ; i’ll take u on with 2 songs : Opeth-Black rose immortal, and Opeth- A Fair Judgement.
    those two songs are the best music u’ll hear in this fading world , and i wont take ur word on it coz ur as emo as a woman, i want the rest of the guys to lsn to them and tell me what they thing
    AND NOW about wow! thanx for everything dude u helped alot, bas etha bedak t7amel jmele lali galato alice 😉

  11. I, too, ask everyone to listen to the 2 songs Elixir has pointed and really tell us what they think.
    Yeh, I’ll just shut up till someone describe how the 2 songs fit into his likings
    A point to be noted here is that I don’t hate Opeth despite the fact that I don’t know many of their songs. I actually got to like some of the few I heard.
    The issue is are these superior

  12. ok i will give my opinion, even though this goes against my better logic and the urge not to get in the middle of flaming, especially the flaming is not designed to reach a point, its goal is more just for the flaming itself rather than finding a middle point.

    anyway, i am listening on Opeth immortal song, of course i had to look up the lyrics online to be able to better judge it. i have to be honest, i was surprised to find out it is like 25 minutes almost. anyway here is my opinion

    i liked the sound, the music of it, it is very nice, it keep changing which is sometimes good, sometimes it feels like kids’ action game on Sega or something. the lyrics are poetic, i can’t argue with that, but the way they say it reduce their beauty. overall the song is nice, the lyrics are poetic by themselves, but it doesn’t speak to my soul.

    i was this close put my comment under different name 🙂

  13. indeed thanx for ur time :), and i picked those 2 songs because they show 2 sides of opeth ; the brutal death metal one ” black rose immortal ” , and the pure musical genius opeth is ” a fair judgement ” .
    i didnt expect anyone to like black rose coz it requires a metal mind , but try to lsn to a fair judgement 🙂

  14. My turn now:
    Try listening to
    “Oops I did it again” by Britney Spears
    I wouldn’t expect you to like nor understand it because it requires a little girl’s pop mind

  15. Nice band! Actually they sound a lot like LP in the beginning of the 3 songs that I played for them! But as the song progress you can figure out a huge difference between both of them.

  16. and yea they have some phrases in common with LP! So this very thing renders them mislabeled and looking like clones!

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