Command & Conquer III: Tiberium Wars (Kane’s edition)

This is not a review! Anyways I just finished the game! It is nice! I think anyone that loves command and conquer series must play it. Actually I had had some problems of distrust and disappointment since Generals! I hate this game very much though I finished all of its campings including zero hour. It was very bad that I did not play Lord of the rings game.

But a couple pf months ago our godfather (TsoTo) gave me the game, but it did not work at the beginning. Then I bought my new computer and it worked. The game brought to me the old good days of RD II though it still has some generals faint flavor.

a couple of days ago when we were eating our breakfast at spice and slice the sucky restaurant, Elune said that Kane showed up in RD I! It was kinda strange, I thought that he mixed between him and Yuri. But actually I made sure that he was there, and not only there but also in Renegad, not to mention the Tiberium games, except generals and LOTER.

I also found too many nice things. RD, Tiberium and Renegad share the same time line. actually RD resembles another scenario for the real soviet allies conflict. Anyways the new race in Tiberium “Scrin” discovered a the end that Kane is the one behind all of what happened to them starting with the invasion of earth till they were defeated. And also that they have informations about him in their matrix. He was classified as a being with an unknown genetic map long time ago before they knew about earth.

So I made a little research about the guy and it seems that he is portrayed as Cain. Also he is shown as a prophet (Abrahamic prophet indeed). He have some scripts written in hebrew. He also used some names as an aliases such as Jacob, Amir al-Quayym and Cain. One of his stealth tanks is named Ezekiel‘s Wheel.

One last thing the land of nod is the place where cain was forced to wander in by him self only after he killed his brother. New studies showed that this land of nod is located somewhere near ancient Caucasus. The brotherhood is a real thing that started 1800 B.C.

Anyways I started developing some nice tactics with the nod. It works also for the the other two races, but I think that all of them will be gone away with the winds unless we start playing this game. I think Tsotso is in for this one right? BTW welcome back S3d! We will 2nsha2 Allah have fun!

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