Amman Fails the Test of Nature

I’ve read in some Newspaper some time ago, around 2 months ago, that Amanet Al 3asemeh has spent some number in millions of JDs on fixing the sewage and drainage systems in the streets in order to get through the flooding problems we face every year. The number was extremely huge that the article stated it was about 50 times the amount that was spent on the same purpose for the last 50 years all summed together.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the street joining The Gardens street and running near my house and to the Ma3aref circle was flooded at the first sign of rain some weeks ago. Way to go Amaneh, I’m sure that amount of money was well spent.

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4 thoughts on “Amman Fails the Test of Nature

  1. who says that they are done spending money on that issue? they are just getting started baby! expect more lamborgini cars and porches walking the streets meanwhile

  2. in one of the courses I am taking we learned how to solve this probleme! the solutions costs 2 to 5 JDs per building! use a “gooseneck”!

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