Chronicles of a Survivor (7)

We are creatures of delusion, bound to wander in a world of dreams. Now lusting for an imaginary heaven which no one could ever even dream of, now paranoid at an ethreal ghost reaching to end our lives when the street is dark enough. Controlled by the very essence that dwells in our brains, a soul maybe, maybe just an utter randomness of the universe. The big master plan which we all are pawns in, the same master plan that is amenable to collapse at the very moment we snap out and actually make our own decisions. Everything we perceive is just an illusion, a way in which your mind likes to explain stuff to you. It equally indicates that we are too stupid to accept the world as it is, and the fact that the outer world might be, as well, another manifestation of our thoughts thus taking shape only in the gray matter of our brains.



Ever wondered if one person, animal, thingy would make a mistake and get off its masterminded track? To go left or right? If you’re supposed to go right to get to the proper end of the world then what would happen? You might reply with a really nice-to-believe-in and humanological answer: “There’s a supernatural power making sure we don’t go astray, making sure that everything works as planned”. Why are we living then? To get that supernatural power the satisfaction a little boy acquires while watching his train toy fully knowing exactly every point it’ll cross on its track? If every freaking decision you make, every step you take is already counted for then why make them? It might need an outside observer to give us an objective answer. Till then, let it go as easy as it can.

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17 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Survivor (7)

  1. even though i don;t agree, nor fully understood most of what you said, i liked the following sentence:

    Why are we living then? To get that supernatural power the satisfaction a little boy acquires while watching his train toy fully knowing exactly every point itñ€ℱll cross on its track?

    that was cool, anyway, u know the second paragraph u r talking about destiny and you have the answers for the questions u asked, luckily we got islam to answer them.

  2. im saving saad the trouble by saying this ; elune is a total nutjob , dont bother urself and argue with him about this subject and the reason for this is that somewhere in time elune didnt get spanked like he was supposed to – i blame nadir – .

  3. Actually, I’m just sick bored. It is exhausting to accept answers without their respective explanations. I just can’t handle it. It keeps nippling on my mind. Knowing the right answer isn’t sufficient anymore, I want.. more like I need to know why.

    I’m sorry for the lack of courtesy in my post but it was not what I felt, it was the very dire thoughts of mine transmitted to you as objective as I could help. Someone ask me erase this post and it’s a gonner.

    Sorry again

  4. yes please remove this post u wretched infidel, just because it reeks with blasphemy so u dont want to get stuck with medivh in hell now do u ?

  5. actually not u! I mean s3d! he say that this statment is cool! I can not see what made him see it cool! thats all!

  6. besides man! does really matter to find the answers to those questions? does really matter if this life is true or just goes in your brains gray matter! do not think so! you are a smart guy! so do not let your mind play tricks on you!

  7. I do not think it matter unless u find a way to find out the truth! is there a way to find it out? unless the machine u work as a battary for decides to damp u! then u can live the matrix!

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