IGN Top 100 Games of all time

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IGNs Top 100 Games of All Time


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4 thoughts on “IGN Top 100 Games of all time

  1. very stupid list! they got GTA III but GTA II is not in the list! wtf??? and they got RD but RD II is not there too! why? besides the guy who made this list is a Nintendo geek! and a very typical stupid gamer! Gash Warcraft II is nice but it does not stand a chance against warcraft III! this guy has a problem with numbers! and he got 7 editions of mario (roughly speaking now s3d do not jump and say “lier they are 6” and 5 editions of Zelda and I leave it to u to decide if metal gear is one of the best games ever. He have some nice games in his collection but many sux!

  2. Yuri
    before u cont. the list was made by IGN

    read here

    they ARE the Gamers , and the list is based on the popularity , WARCRAFTIII cannt top mario in that
    more ppl played mario than WARCRAFTIII

    so please do read
    and ma teji be IGN again
    they have the best reviews when it comes to games

  3. man ana bkarn Warcraft II with warcraft III not with mario! besides this should be the most pop games rather than the best 100 game ever!

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