The butterfly effect

In chaotic systems, such as weather, it is very hard to predict future unless you had a super computer and very accurate readings at a single moment (initial conditions). If those initial conditions had a very small error (really very small) then it is magnified enormously that the future predicted is totally different than the actual one. So this is what is called the butterfly effect. A very small and insignificant change such as the flab of a butterfly wing changes the future totally.


I remember one day at a French class in 10th grader that I was telling Saad this thing. Not the same way but I told him that if you are about to pass through the linguistics’ lab door, where we used to take French, there can be two conditions just for the sack of simplicity, either you hesitate before going out or you go without thinking. If you went out with out thinking lets say that you continued to the teacher room, your future will take route “a” lets say, whatever this route was. If you hesitated let’s say and it took you 1 second before stepping out, then you will hit a person when you go outside. Am trying to keep it simple so am just saying that this or that can happen, while it can be more complicated. So after you hit that person you forgot what you wanted to do before the collusion. You continued your way to the cafeteria where you found Obaid and Dea’a and your future took route “b”, goodness I do not wanna even think about this route ;).


So this thing was one of my concerns for a long time, because this means redoing your past if you have the chance to will be a trade off. You might get depressed when you remember a thing that happened in the past, but this thing is what made your life the way it is now.


Btw there will be a movie this week at mbc2 about this thing named ‘The butterfly effect’. Did anyone watch it before? The end of the movie is not the original end. The original end is a tragedy, but very impressive.


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14 thoughts on “The butterfly effect

  1. yeah that movie was awsome, specially the original ending was a kickass, sadly they didnt use it on the dvd and on tv version, instead they used a lame – more friendly- ending which in my opinion ruined the whole movie.

  2. they were thinking of a more stupid end! they wanted him to follow her and they are in love again! but the original end really would make the movie one of the finest sc-fi movies ever! plus they cut some scenes that were really awsome such as when the one of the doctors he meet tells him when he was a little boy that he belongs to no time line and he has no soul! that was tremendous!

    in one of the deleted scenes while he is in jail he is raped by a gang!

  3. My name is 3awwad. I am a typical Jordanian citizen. I work from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM and my salary does not exceed JD 250. You can call me “Monsieur Tout le monde” if you like. Excuse my low intelligence quotient, but I am glad you finally found an excuse for the Jordanian weather department.

  4. i watched the movie some good time ago, i forgot what was the ending, nor i know what is the alternate one.

    about buttefly effect, the example you did is only correct if i hit someone by waiting that second, but if we took real life USUALLY delaying your next move by 1 second doesn’t make much difference, imagine i walked inside the class after 1 second hesitation and just continued the class. then my life won’t be much changed.

    same thing with other changes that diminishes with time rather than amplify.

    in the movie, he made some drastic changes, he didn’t just hesitate a second, he actually completely changed an action he did.

    i don’t know enough about weather to estimate how much the change should be to make a significant change on the future, but as humans, most of our small choices diminished with time and not amplified. and many actions have limited change capacity, like if i changed something in usa, it won’t affect jordan.

    disclaimer: giving me an example that contradicts me doesn’t mean i am wrong, i am saying the GENERAL situation, contradicting examples are expected and taken into consideration in my theory.

    if you wanna prove me wrong, try to describe how MOST of our actions gets amplified with time. like i chose to drink coffe instead of tea today, what will change?

  5. lol! man u are totally right! human life is not a chaotic system! the term orginally ment that in weather case, a butterfly wing flab 100 years ago causes a tornedo now!

    and I said that u hit someone in the other case to show that it is initially significant. so yea many of the things u did everyday do not effect ur life! this huge magnification in error in chotic system is due to the non-linear nature of those systems! it might have a term multiplied by billions! so 0.00001 is after some time 10000!

    and if u wanna see the dirctor cut ending look for it at youtube! butterfly effect DC! I only talked the term just to push u to watch it in case u had not before!

    Malik the 2nd one is not original! they just tried to continue the idea but it sux! I 2nd u for that! 😉

  6. gazdo yaba eno this post is not useful for Jordanians! and that I should post smthing related to people’s concerns in Jordan! but am afraid that this site is not for blogging for Jordan or any body! elmoshkla eno wa7d ratbo 250JD b3rfsh sho y3ni internet msh blog! bs 3ad elteasa mostshrea in our community u know! we like to interfer with anything that walks on two and even on four!

  7. bah, he is really a typical jordanian, u cant talk to those guys unless ur bitching about life and cursing someone and blaming the jews. other than that ur a freaking ” ammani boy ” who doesnt feel the troubles of jordan,
    well mr.awwad please be too kind to read the about page AND the footer of the site, ur intellect allows u to do that right ? .
    jordanians piss me off

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