The Chronicles of a Survivor (6)

We are creatures of rage, the red stain that blinds us and clouds our perception when we’re instigated. The safety pin that guards our entities from imploding by exploding into the outside. The gas with which we try to quench our fire of will when the all other fires are cloaked. Remorseless, vengeful, sour and to the point; thus is he who’s enraged, seeking to consume the rage before the rage consumes him. Old rage that’s turned just ashen-cold is a construct upon which we build our bitterness. The remainder is but a focus of deep sorrow upon which we reflect in our times of grief… Helpless and Drained.

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20 thoughts on “The Chronicles of a Survivor (6)

  1. ok drunktotem , a drunk cow is never sth funny or emusing,
    especially when the cow tries to write smart.
    now whatever is that ur feeling/thinking its consuming ur mind power and that made u uncommited to ur guild and friends, so stop that and use ur rage on some gnomes…or orcs 😐

  2. u said that ur gonna write some, am still waiting ?

    and spock also said
    “Possible existence of a parallel universe has been scientifically conceded.”

    u cant argue with that !!

  3. Uslav said:
    “You have serious issues indeed. All virgins?”

    I could pick up two sentences in his comment:
    1. The fact that he believes we have serious issues.
    I can’t really argue with that.

    2. A question of whether or not we’re still virgins.
    Since non of us is married yet it’s most likely that we are all virgins. If you’re not Malik then I’d feel weird and have an urge to kick u in the nuts. Btw, butt-sex doesn’t count towards ending your virginity so don’t get smart with that.

    You see, I’m an objective being.

  4. as usual smart response….wrong direction..

    you wrote a lot of metaphorical texts and now you do not get the idea of being a virgin..i did not mean a literal insult…but the indication of his statement

  5. Malik; I think I’m totally aware of what you’re saying but it feels 100% right that one of us is too dumb or just gay. I hope it’s not me. Anyways, if you want me to insult Uslav I’m ready for it anytime, just poke me.

    Slvador; Please elaborate. I’m pretty sure nothing in what we wrote had to do with virgins. In addition, I can clearly see why he’d ask us if we were all virgins.

    P.S. We fail, some alien drops in, throws a comment and we’re making a big thing out of it. Totally weak and against my food diet.

  6. Fun? As in butt-sex fun or as in kicking-Malik’s-ass fun? I’m confused.

    I dare Uslav to post any more smart comments in jordanmafia 😀 I think Malik actually inserted that coin in my slot.

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