Cause He is Saad .. Cause he Is V-Don

He Will be here , and He will be Keep’en it Real


Dec. 25 . 2007


we present

The One .. The Only

Your V-Don and saviorrrrrrrr


bad hair 2


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5 thoughts on “Cause He is Saad .. Cause he Is V-Don

  1. we’ll have pajama parties, e-peens check games, dare or truth, picnics in the wilds and tons of other fun stuff.

    I just can’t wait
    *shivers out of excitement (and the partially opened window nearby)*

  2. yanal told me today, bs I’m afraid that u will not come next summer! man u should come back next summer too!

  3. probably i will come next summer too, especially there is a chance my bro to get married during it. it is not either this or summer, rather should i come now or not. y parents miss me ( or at least i like to think so ) and besides, in summer i finish school inshallah, so no guarantees that i will have visa power to go back and forth ( i should but no guarantee)

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