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Thought I’d give it another try at promoting my own poems. So here it goes, a poem I wrote last Summer after getting kicked out of a medical ethics seminar for being asleep. The doctor got pissed for no actual reason and got himself into a nasty chain reaction which ended up with me being called back and then given a lecture in good manners and then out again. The lines “Lost all save his perception, of all that makes him numb” were the first 2 lines to be written and they came to me while being lectured 🙂

The name of the poem as written in my notebook is “Mask Fall” but I can’t remember why I titled it like this or what the heck the name means.

A seat between the landmines

Swallowed by fog of war

Thirst for a bomb to just shine

And stop the deafening roar

The masked death in the windblow

The searing poisoned rain

Your face against the sin flow

Crushed under thoughts of pain

The friendly fire maelstrom

The bottled frenzy stomps

The lust within, where hate’s from

Blown like a thousand bombs

The master of deception

Tricked by a drunken bum

Lost all save his perception

Of all that makes him numb

The light after a black night

Shattered by darker thoughts

Entwined seemed souls in daylight

While silent shadows fought

Hail death when it goes calling

When we applaud and sing

When souls and bodies falling

Signal return of spring

July 11th, 2007

(not revised yet so keep your corrections to yourselves)

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  1. even though i dont understand much about poems , but urs seemed good, and what makes it sound good is that i didnt get the point.
    so really my comment is worthless.

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