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First of all, the last band of the week post was a fake. I always stick to the Deutsch rules regarding writing.. all nouns should start with a cap letter and that post was titled “Band of the week” as opposed to the real “Band of the Week” posts. Stop invading my space Severus, start your own gay series of posts.

This time I’ve got my hands on some really nice stuff. Not sure if this guy is well-known but it’s not likely that he is. The Band Assemblage 23.

I’m sorry I can’t bleed for you
The way you want me to
To throw myself against the rocks
The way I used to do
I’m sorry that I can’t prolong
The pain I’ve been put through
I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you

You wear your misery like a crown
You’re only happy when you’re down
And the saddest part is you don’t even know why
What are you lacking deep inside?
Depression as a point of pride
If you’re not careful the world is going to pass you by

I’m sorry I can’t always drown
In rivers of despair
A man forever broken by
A need for your repair

I’m sorry if the things I said
Were somehow misconstrued
I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you


I’m sorry that my happiness
Isn’t to your taste
A pessimistic optimist
Who’s bound to be replaced

I’m sorry I can’t grovel in
Emotions I outgrew
I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you


I will be trying in me own ways to upload this song if Severus doesn’t want to cooperate, Yarr!

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7 thoughts on “Band of the Week

  1. dude, that’s techno, that’s under the belt hit. not that good, it didn’t speak to me. the sound is cheesy, like space sounds. even my friend who is a techno sucker hates it, YOU SUCK, big time

    p.s: my answer maybe related to my current mood

  2. I never noticed any music going along with that song but the words hit me straight in the face. It’s more of a lecture than a song but I’m addicted to it all the same.

    Your comment is valid

  3. hmmm, thinking about the lyrics rather than the music!!! interesting. just for next time, u need to give us a heads up when this happen because people usually judge the song depending on the music, and only if it is pointed out, they pay attention to the lyrics

    when thinking of lyrics, i remember these words from an old song that it never hits me till few years ago
    “tell my are we so blind to see that the one we hurt are you and me”

  4. Na’aa, the song you’re referring to doesn’t talk about the same thing. This song isn’t a fight between two people; It’s someone giving up on his emo friend. At least that’s the way I understood/like to understand it.

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