My New Set Of Cows

So here i am , enjoying my new set of cows , i just got them yesterday night from this amazing most wonderful person
and i thought to my self … you can enjoy them too

so here you go

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HellGate London Review


I downloaded the game HellGate-London and played it for the last 3-4 days and here is my review
Official Site:

The game is about some warrior in some kind of zombie/alien invasion future time. The movie at the beginning show you interesting story, but the game is little related to it, at least where i am at now. You start by choosing your character general figure (hair, color, face, height…etc) and the class. I can’t remember all the classes, but there is engineer (my choice) blademaster, marksman, evoker(magician), summoner, guardian and couple more i think. Each class got their own special abilities and special armors and weapons to wield.

The game have some rpg taste to it. You kill creeps and zombies and collect what they drop then you go to stations (bases) and talk to people to acquire quests and tasks (which basically kill some number of creeps and get their droppings). I didn’t have the chance to play it online, so i don’t know how that is like. but i played single player, there is always a main task which is usually go somewhere and talk to someone, and you can pick up secondary tasks along the way which give in return some experience and money to buy better items.

The experience you gain make you level up and when you level up you can increase some characteristics, like accuracy, stamina, power. and you get a skill point which is very similar to the skill system in WOW. of course this is different from class to class.

The game itself is very simple. it reminds me of fate and Diablo but attacking in this game is actually depending on the user skill rather than the character skill like almost every RPG game. You actually have to aim and shoot or slash instead of just click “attack” button.

The game has very nice graphics, i have AMD64 X2 5600+ processor with ATI Radeon 9950/X1050 256MB. The game works smoothly on my computer, but i can’t use maximum settings or the game will lag, i have to settle with medium graphics which is still very impressive.

You can play the game in first person or third person view which is great to me since i hate first person.

I would recommend this game for people who enjoy RPG’s game with some shooting and fighting skills.

Saad Arrabi (Slvador Limonis)

HellGate London


3rd person

1st person

The butterfly effect

In chaotic systems, such as weather, it is very hard to predict future unless you had a super computer and very accurate readings at a single moment (initial conditions). If those initial conditions had a very small error (really very small) then it is magnified enormously that the future predicted is totally different than the actual one. So this is what is called the butterfly effect. A very small and insignificant change such as the flab of a butterfly wing changes the future totally.


I remember one day at a French class in 10th grader that I was telling Saad this thing. Not the same way but I told him that if you are about to pass through the linguistics’ lab door, where we used to take French, there can be two conditions just for the sack of simplicity, either you hesitate before going out or you go without thinking. If you went out with out thinking lets say that you continued to the teacher room, your future will take route “a” lets say, whatever this route was. If you hesitated let’s say and it took you 1 second before stepping out, then you will hit a person when you go outside. Am trying to keep it simple so am just saying that this or that can happen, while it can be more complicated. So after you hit that person you forgot what you wanted to do before the collusion. You continued your way to the cafeteria where you found Obaid and Dea’a and your future took route “b”, goodness I do not wanna even think about this route ;).


So this thing was one of my concerns for a long time, because this means redoing your past if you have the chance to will be a trade off. You might get depressed when you remember a thing that happened in the past, but this thing is what made your life the way it is now.


Btw there will be a movie this week at mbc2 about this thing named ‘The butterfly effect’. Did anyone watch it before? The end of the movie is not the original end. The original end is a tragedy, but very impressive.


i heard Arabic talk in USA

hello gringos,

several days ago while i was making wudu, i heard Arabic music coming from my suite, i thought my suite mate decided to expand his horizon, but to my surprise it was on TV. something about Palestinian folk music. anyway i start watching a little bit, then i discovered the program was mainly about two women, mothers in fact. one israeli mother whose daughter died in a suicide bombing done by the Palestinian mother’ daughter.

the program was very interesting, and i don’t consider it bias, it consisted mainly of interviews with different people, they interviewed the mothers a lot of course, and i liked it when they interviewed another young girl who tried to do suicide operation bu failed, she was in prison, and the Israeli mother came to talk to her. The daughter was very nice (pretty too) of course she was wearing jilbab while the interview in prison. She was talking Arabic and there was a translator, she was saying how what she did is right, and she said “Hamas shabab will NEVER come to any girl’s father house to get her from there, i went by myself to them and told them i wanna do an operation”, there was some back and forth talk about why u do such a things, and this things don’t make difference, but the girl answered her nicely, and for some reason i can’t recall details of that interview. aah i remembered something, the girl was saying that Israeli people don’t belong in Palestine, she said she met Moroccan jews, and Iranian jews, and European jews, so those people should go to their own countries, it is not Palestine where they came from

the other more main event was the director was trying to get the two mothers to meet each other, they tried 1 year after the bombing. the Israeli mother was afraid to go to Palestinian lands, and when they tried to make the Palestinian mother to come, they said, “we can’t because there is curfew on us, we can’t travel, but u can”, two years after the bombing, they tried it again and it failed, the 4th year, the Israeli mother finally agreed to go and see the Palestinian mother using a priest who live near the Palestinian house. she passed the checkpoint and they showed us a sign saying “beware, you are entering territory ruled under the Palestinian government” and while driving through streets, the Israeli mother was really afraid, and after a while, the police stopped them for having the camera crew, so they questioned the camera crew (NOT THE ISRAELI MOTHER) and after 4 hours, they let them go, but it was night already and the israeli mother was too afraid to go to their house at night, so she just passed near their house and went back to Israeli lands.

after 6 months of that incident (4.5 years from the bombing) they decided to meet through satellite. they meet and it was intense, i liked the old palestinian mother, she was firm with her believes, of course she was saying that if she knew her daughter was going to do that she would stop her because she loves her daughter, not because it is wrong. and whenever the Israeli mother would say ” violence doesn’t solve anything, i will never agree to my daughter to kill any Arab” the Palestinian mother responds ” well because you don’t live in our situation, we don’t have electricity, water, we can’t move, come live with us then see what happens, you live with ease, we live in tight conditions, we are both victims of the Israeli occupation. we used to live in rafa7, now tell me, why we aren’t there?” the Israeli mother was hoping the Palestinian mother to say what her daughter done is wrong hoping that other mothers prevent their daughters, but she failed, and the palestinian mother was so strong, she was reasonable, she didn’t cry and she was really firm, even though she was pretty old.

one last thing, they interviewed a friend of the girl who did the bombing, that friend didn’t wear hijab and she said the following ” what did Ayat (the girl who bombed) gain? nothing, here nothing changed, and even people was talking at her OWN funeral that she did the bombing for different reasons, her closest friends were saying that, what did she gain?”

The End

i wanted to share this with you, because i was really touched by the program, it was really refreshing hearing palestinian talk, it is nice, and the subject was nice and to see how people are holding make you angry and proud in the same time. my heart was racing while watching that program, and if i found it on youtube i will let you know

that’s it, i felt i need to share what i felt with others

p.s: i didn’t proof read it, so expect mistakes

The Chronicles of a Survivor (6)

We are creatures of rage, the red stain that blinds us and clouds our perception when we’re instigated. The safety pin that guards our entities from imploding by exploding into the outside. The gas with which we try to quench our fire of will when the all other fires are cloaked. Remorseless, vengeful, sour and to the point; thus is he who’s enraged, seeking to consume the rage before the rage consumes him. Old rage that’s turned just ashen-cold is a construct upon which we build our bitterness. The remainder is but a focus of deep sorrow upon which we reflect in our times of grief… Helpless and Drained.

some really good song

Hello guyys

I got jealous of your pathetic tries to get a nice band, anyway i won’t try to compete with you, so i will go with some how different genre, the following song is awesome, little bit sad, so if you feel you are about to cry and you want something to push you over the edge listen to this

it is called unfaithful for Rihanna something, i don;t know if the singer is a good one, but this song is awesome, listen to, it is really really good

rihanna unfaithful

Band of the Week

First of all, the last band of the week post was a fake. I always stick to the Deutsch rules regarding writing.. all nouns should start with a cap letter and that post was titled “Band of the week” as opposed to the real “Band of the Week” posts. Stop invading my space Severus, start your own gay series of posts.

This time I’ve got my hands on some really nice stuff. Not sure if this guy is well-known but it’s not likely that he is. The Band Assemblage 23.

I’m sorry I can’t bleed for you
The way you want me to
To throw myself against the rocks
The way I used to do
I’m sorry that I can’t prolong
The pain I’ve been put through
I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you

You wear your misery like a crown
You’re only happy when you’re down
And the saddest part is you don’t even know why
What are you lacking deep inside?
Depression as a point of pride
If you’re not careful the world is going to pass you by

I’m sorry I can’t always drown
In rivers of despair
A man forever broken by
A need for your repair

I’m sorry if the things I said
Were somehow misconstrued
I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you


I’m sorry that my happiness
Isn’t to your taste
A pessimistic optimist
Who’s bound to be replaced

I’m sorry I can’t grovel in
Emotions I outgrew
I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry
So sorry
But not as sorry as you


I will be trying in me own ways to upload this song if Severus doesn’t want to cooperate, Yarr!