The Chronicles of a Survivor (3)

Life as we know it is full of exploits and, if possible to describe them this way, bugs. Stuff that are not supposed to happen this way, stuff that are not meant to happen at all in some cases. But instead of having them fixed, dealt with and removed we are just instructed to not instigate them. Don’t do that or else face the dire consequences and the hell if we happen to trespass the red borderlines that are drawn around us. Constructs of curious thoughts, sometimes even needs, drive us to cross these lines even at the price of the redemption that awaits on the other side. It’s like Windows giving you a list of stuff that if done will cause the OS to crash and to make sure you don’t try them the system will inflict damage to the data already in the desks as a disciplinary measure.

To follow this road is to get lost so I thought I’d just stop here

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2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of a Survivor (3)

  1. i think i finally figured out whats that ur talking about.ur getting kinky thoughts arent u ? and because its ” haram ” ur pissed off .
    am i right ?

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