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Yesterday I got, finally, to finish watching the 3 parts of Matrix. I remember watching the first part soon after it was released but I missed the 2nd and 3rd parts. I have to say that Matrix 2 and 3 sucked major ass. They were not just sucky, they actually managed to disturb me. I’ve always thought Matrix is one of the best movies ever and I still think so.

The first part was introducing a nice idea. A new concept that’s nice to imagine and believe in (temporarily at least). But the 2nd and 3rd parts were like: Now you know what this is all about, let’s start with the visual effects. Neo flying was somehow ok… but did he need to hold his fist in that superman way?! Matrix reloaded didn’t offer any kind of end whatsoever. I really wonder if people who went to the movies to watch it actually knew the movie did finish before the title were displayed. And in the 3rd part they changed Neo into Illidan? I’m blind not deaf mode! He can sense robots? And then that band he wore to cover his eyes really reminded me of Illidan that for a while I thought they might have actually stolen the idea.

 The way I see it, it was 1st part “Neo becoming god”, 2nd part “Wrath of the god 1”, 3rd part “Wrath of the god 2”. I’m sure there were other ways to make money out of the 2 last movies without ruining the whole story, which btw ended with a lame peace!

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5 thoughts on “The Matrix

  1. i liked the matrix sequel, i know they didn’t provide much of a story, but lotr didn’t give lots of new things in the sequels, i liked the war in matrix, the ending was not satisfying and some events were stupid, i agree, but in general it was fun to watch.

    now if you watched matrix recently and especially if by urself, i can easily see why u didn’t like it. watching a movie by urself reduce the fun, so the movie should be great so u can enjoy it. and besides,matrix is an old movie, and even if you didn’t see it before, it won’t be as fun. and thirdly, i bet if you watched matrix 1 recently u wouldn’t say matrix is one of the greatest movie. of course that if you didn’t see him before. i bet people who watch 300 after 3 months for now, they wouldn’t like it as nearly as much as the people who watcheed it new

  2. I watched Matrix 1 recently to make sure I don’t loose any pieces of the “story”.

    And btw, you really need to watch LotR again. The sequels didn’t have much in them?! Man the whole freaking story was in The Two Towers and Return of the King. The first part was just introducing you to the characters and some trip to Rivendel!

    I will like 300 even after 20 years unless they produce some movie where people scream louder! SPAAAAAAAAAAAR-FUCKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG-TAAAAAAAAAAAAANs!

  3. I wonder if Neo could see through underwears with that not-so-green infra red vision he had. I’m pretty sure Illidan can’t do that, but he probably can smell demonic undrewears.

  4. i disagree, after 3 years make someone who missed 300 to watch it and he will tell ya, it is a bunch of guys screaming, where is the fun! of course he should be by himself watching

    and one thing, did ya watch matrix with dvd quality? it make difference too.

    and boo hoo, summoner doesn’;t like them, why i am not surprised

  5. I failed to understand your point.

    I never said people will like 300 3 years from now. I just said I would like it because what made me like it some months ago was how they screamed. And I did emphasize the fact that I would still like them only and only if there are no new movies with people screaming louder than the guys in 300.

    The boo-hoo-doodle part.. what are the things that you’re saying I didn’t like?

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