The Chronicles of a Survivor (1)

As I was telling Xzeer the other day, we are creatures intermingled with our own worlds. The flawless flow of thoughts is what keeps the body from collapsing out of the world it dug itself in. If the stream of thoughts gets interrupted we will regain perception of the real world and it might be painful.

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2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of a Survivor (1)

  1. right before u told me to ” fuck off ” and blocked me ? 😛
    anyway i agree that the real world is painfull but that doesnt mean its the right world. our world has been poisoned by fags and whores that have been left without punishement for a long time , so rather than just bitching about the world and conceal ourselves we should strike back .

    P.S : remember patience, discipline .

  2. That undead shit is getting into you.. And I blocked you the next day, not right after. We’re not concealing ourselves, Many people make jestures of aknowledgment of our existence. We’re just pretending they don’t exist. I.e we’re thinking the world is concealing itself 😀

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