Happy Mushroom 3eed!

Kul 3am w ento be5air..

I would like people to note that this Ramadan was actually brought to you by Nabeel! (According to the Jordanian TV)

If you’ve got some tasty cookies/chocolate at your place for 3eed then please mention it in this thread together with a full description of the material at hand, reasons that make you think it’s tasty and brief instructions of how we can get to your house as fast as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mushroom 3eed!

  1. am not allowed to eat cookies (well, they gave me one, but without the sugar on top) and i had one chocolate 🙁 , so ill be raiding all of your houses to get my sugar, lame asses
    am a sugar vampire
    !! :@!

    and Elune, today is my Mayo curfew Ends, so you have instructions for the great Walk tonight ? or What !!

  2. and kol 3am o mafia be kheer ! this -according to suggy vampire- marks the 1 year bday of mafia! so ” happy birthday your gonna die! ” 😀
    and for the mayo feast check ” avril” post.

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