Band of the Week

Brings back sad memories


I need an easy friend

I do with an ear to lend

I do think you fit this shoe

I do, won’t you have a clue

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5 thoughts on “Band of the Week

  1. I hate myself for relting to such a being that would look down upon the legendary Kurt Cobain. I just feel it’s propestrous that you would say anything bad about Nirvana. They are one of the only bands that were actually talking about the shit that personally happened to them. I’m beginning to doubt the actual reason that urges you to listen to music. I think that somewhere not very deep inside of you you just want to be cool (or satisfy your unconciousness with the thought of it). Nirvana relates to our lives in the purest form possible and god knows they throw the best music ever along with it. I remember praying for them every 3esha for some long period of time in the past.

    If you’re looking for lyrics alone then you shouldn’t be listening to music. You might as well just read my poetry (4th worst in the universe) which by far strikes silly any band you can think of. If you are after actual music then you’re just retarded to not regard Nirvana as one of the best bands ever. Kurt Cobain was selected in many contexts to be the best guitarist in the last century. Nirvana are just real man. I remember watching a videoclip of their first interview with the record company that published their first album. They were asked why they were singing and the 3 of them were like Erm, we want to get into the kids and show them how we think about life and problems..etc. And then Kurt was like We actually just want to feed ourselves and music is the only god damn thing we can offer in exchange for food. That’s real enough for me.

    However, keep in mind that singers like let’s say Shakira are actually producing fine music in a sense that it’s all good to hear. Ya3ni, Shakira is writing songs that actually fit into some people’s lives and the music fits well with the lyrics. Shakira is not viable for trashing by such mind-bogglingly mindless people such as yourselves just because you dislike her music or think it’s lame. I don’t like her music and it’s lame and that’s just ok. Now if you dislike Nirvana’s music or think it’s lame in any way possible that makes you qualify to be categorized with the Britney fanclub section of the humanoid population on earth.

    Damn it, we need to get some dictatorship back into these forums. Why the fuck do I need to read such crap?

  2. ok first of all i do like nirvana and i love their music , and i like kurt cobain because he is one messed up human.
    but what i was referring to in my comment is U . i woke up today and found 2 posts made by u that clearly shows u were sitting on the computer brainstorming to make posts just to do ur 7 posts a week thing.
    so u were the ” lame ” i was referring to not nirvana, and i said ” gal nirvana gal ” just to piss u off coz ur pissing me off :@.
    and about kurt cobain being best guitarist in the century, are u fukking kidding me ? ok i like him but he is one lameass guitarist! maybe best guitarist of the grunge music yes, but he will couldnt compete with the progressive metal bands such as opeth- yes opeth :@- and dream theatre, and dont tell me they have better equipment because its a secondary to talent.

    P.S:ur not eligible to use the word mind-bogglingly on account u didnt like the book.

  3. U both Wankers

    XZeeR Ur lame .. very lame
    and Opeth combined couldn’t play anything that Kirk (Metallica) can play with his little you know what !!! and for Kurt .. he is not a one messed up human, Human is you XZeeR , got IT, he just had courtney love for a Wife …
    and doint try to piss Elune.. He Will eat you, and he knows where you live, dont u read the footer lame ass !!!

    and for the best guitarist , i think you both lame assess (Elune and XZeeR) need a smack on you know what !
    i think that the editors and reviewers of Rolling stone magazine knows more than you “Wanna-be-I-Love-guitar-and-music” teen attitude
    so read here
    in 2003 Rolling stone did the “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”

    and to your surprise “little” XzeeR , Opeth is not included, i admit opeth got all great songs, but still when it come to skill and play.. nth u can find on the list.. and they cover all kind of player
    so stop it you two with “my-boy-friend-is-better-that-your-boy-friend”

    u can find

    11 – Kirk Hammett of Metallica
    12 – Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

    and Elune

    When we agreed u said 7 quality posts
    so far you only got 2 OK !! and you cant count the others 5 to go then !!
    and u used Nirvana as band of the Week before

  4. Erm, in which part of the site was there a rule that said I couldn’t choose a band as many times as I want to be the band of the week. I can choose Nirvana to be the band of every week and keep spamming you with pics and lyrics of them on the mere thought of it.

    Out of your 5843 posts how many were quality posts? None. There was only one nice quality post by you. Too bad it got lost in the labyrinth known as your butt long before it got anywhere near these forums.

    And btw, we never got to define what a quality post is in the contract and thus the lack of proper definition defies an legal statements you can come up with in this regard. i.e you can lick my ass twice in both the horizontal and vertical axises and any other that you may find appropriate. You know what? I’m counting every 3 comments as a post. I’m just too “SOPHISTICATED” to be commenting on the thoughts of some weirdo mammals.

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