6 thoughts on “مصير قناة الغد الأردنية ؟! – مهند الخطيب يكشف للجزيرة توك حصريا تفاصيل فشل المشروع

  1. Sounds sad, a brilliant man if half of all that’s written is true but he was obviously in the wrong place. I wonder if Jordanmafia is ever gonna be banned because we publish information about Governmental properties like Malik.

  2. It just happened to me that I never knew that we had a private Jordanian channel broadcasting stuff from inside the kingdom. They stopped taking our advice about this kind of stuff?

  3. nope, I have to answer this really interesting poll that someone other than myself (obviously) created exactly 2 minutes ago. One of the most intelligent polls ever to honor the Firefox browser by being shown through it.

    I salute whoever created it. 10/10 for style, 10/10 for brilliance.

  4. can i PLEASE vote in these polls ? the last 3 polls were a mess, all written in black so i cant see, and even if i do i cant vote..so /poke severus and fix it :@

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