Holy Crap

So, I was telling Severus about this Sweden girl that’s in my world of warcraft guild. Like 4 days ago at like 4:00 AM I logged on into my account out of boredom. She and some other Dutch guy were online. The settings show that she was more or less drunk. I wish I had ss to prove it but the following convo went between us:

<Guild Chat>(Azaniah): Paintotem, why don’t you fly over to my place and have sex with me?

<Guild Chat>(Paintotem): You’re that bored?

<Guild Chat>(Paintotem): I’ll pass, I’m tired.

<Guild Chat>(Azaniah): No worries, I’ll do all the work!

At that point all I knew was that she was some Scandinavian girl that plays wow 10 hours a day (100% raid attendance and logging at that late/early time) so I pictured her as a somehow fat and no-life female. But that same day while with Nader. Severus. Elixir and Yuir, Nader got to mention that she posted her pic in the irl pics section of our guild forums (www.ffsguild.org/forums/). 10 minutes ago I got to check it (out of boredom while thinking of how possibly can I get 7 posts for Severus). Here check it out!

Yea, I had that thought too. So, now it’s the time of truth. So my friends, I’m currently trying to collect enough money to buy me a ticket to Sweden (1 way ticket should work too) and all your donations are accepted.

I know that there’s a good possibility that this is a fake pic and that she might be as beautiful as Eric Cartman but that’s a risk I can take! Oh, and she’s nurse too!

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18 thoughts on “Holy Crap

  1. i’ll copy-paste my reaction that i had on msn : ” thats super mega largea$$
    and if there is sth wrong with her it might be the left part of her face coz she is hiding it , but for all i care she has a scandinavian blonde hair which kills me everytime, and u blew that away.
    so goodluck smellytotem u wont get that chance again. i think

  2. I can safely instruct you to go screw yourselves in the backyard or any place that you can think of. And do it in some nasty and painful way please. At this time I need money not smart comments!

  3. serverus …the casual case of denying hotness…

    and Elune …it seems u lost ur mind, do u really think she would look like this if she plays 10 hours a day?! u r a freaking doctor…or at least trying to be one…

    with herein, i take the 1.5 from serverus !

  4. i suggest we add a “Poke Severus ” tool to the mafia, each time sth doesnt work u click and poke severus.and where is the “elune-smacker” tool i asked for ? :@.

  5. Man, this site has more bugs than Microsoft Windows do. At least you get an error message when something wrong happens with windows. Here they just pretend nothing happened and transfer you back to the index page!

  6. still accepting donations..

    And Malik, when I said she plays 10 hours a day I was just saying she plays alot. But coming to think about it if she really looks like that and plays World of Warcraft that good then I should really try to meet her 😛 She’s the best Paladin on my server! I’ve always had such dreams eversince I got to know those arabic married couple in the UK who both play WoW. How better can it possibly get?

  7. yes i did
    and please if u dont underrstand what does
    mean, DONT F*ck with the theme page.php
    OK !!
    and i dont want any replies like, i didnt doi it man,

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