8 thoughts on “وين … عل عين يا زين

  1. I feel alot of hatred here.. You know what we should do now? We should counter the hate with some love.

    Oh and, Ola, do you know what’s bad about freedom of speach..etc? People get the right to say stuff that you might not like as long as it’s not insulting your own religious/humanoid beliefs. So if something like that happen and given that you have an IQ of 75 or more you’d be able to find out just by reading the title that you’re not gonna like the subject and that you could as well just not read it.

    It feels proper to add here that in case “Zein” was one of your humanoid/religious beliefs then we’re sorry. But it’s against our own religious beliefs to start an “intelligent” convo with the likes of you. If you didn’t like it and still wanted to read it and after that felt like commenting then try squeezing the peanut-sized mass that you call your brain for a little more make-sense-and-have-a-point sentences.

    Ty for browsing our blogsite! Please come back again!

  2. everytime elune comments he amazes me by his mind-bogglingly stupid-aggressive attitude, always picking out on the stranger in this site,if not then picking out on me .
    what ola did is commenting as a normal humaniod being on a lame mafia post, and yet this noob pvp-fanatic comes in and leave smartass comment to give us a hint of his IQ which is 82 .
    but to think of it Elune is our guardian as the copyright says.( read page footer)

    P.S : 4 days without wow , im starting to have filthy dreams :S.

  3. i feel like i am missing out something, ( this is a nice setup for a joke)

    but the thing is, i don’t understand (another setup) why elune thinks ola is with zain? her/his comment doesn’t show that she/he with zain? SHE/HE LAUGHED AT ZAIN, anyway apparently zain issue is just above my head

  4. LOOOL you people are funny! Well, excuse me but my teeny weeny brain can’t get it. I was making a joke about zain, not about your post, but it seems I should’ve known better than to come here nad comment on the first place! I mean, you mnetioned comments should be approved by admin, why the hell did you approve it if you think it’s improper?

    So, you too try to squeeze your brain more to understand what the comment means.


  5. WOHOOOOO!! a stranger actually checked back and made a counter-attack on elune! salutes to u Ola :).
    the ball is on ur side elune! ( even though i doubt it )

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