random thoughts 2

okay, so it has been like three days with no new posts, so i am allowed to write a lame one, i have been wanting to write about htis for a while, but as many things in my life i never did.

the subject is smartness,
you remember when the fight happened between the two haithams, we talked about being smart and stuff like that, and haitham essam mentioned some characteristics that he claimed doesn’t make someone better than other like translating a book, or doing research, and that was interesting to me because i started to think WHAT make someone better than another one? anyway i wasn’t able to find much answer there but it lead me to think a somehow annoying thought.

we are smart, we know it, we try not to articulate it much because we look like show offs when we do, but everyone deep inside thinks he is smart, some thinks they are smarter than many most, others just smarter than average and it feels good to have that feeling, i won’t deny it. but it made me think, that’s not something we should be proud of because we didn’t do anything to earn it, we were blessed by smartness, we didn’t work for it, it came to us. it is true we sharpen it with practice with questions and puzzles, but to be honest we only do that because we are smart in the first place.

after thinking little bit in this direction, the annoying part came, it sound cliche to say, but with great powers, great responsibility comes with it, and we have the power, so we have the responsibility, what you may ask? i think with our power we are bound to use it to do something big, like essam, u need to start thinking of what disease you wanna find a freakin cure to, or find someway to manipulate the DNA or something, u figure it out, seelawi do some weird car that has efficiency around 70% or something, i will try to make some kind of processor. anyway as i said, this part is annoying because it stole the pride we feel from our smartness and replace it with burden on us. we were blessed by something, and now we need to use it before we can be proud of it

alright, that’s my random thought for the day, and just for the record, i didn’t sleep last night, so it may affected my writing. anyway have fun and you can’t complain since no new posts were appearing.

The Chronicles of a Survivor (3)

Life as we know it is full of exploits and, if possible to describe them this way, bugs. Stuff that are not supposed to happen this way, stuff that are not meant to happen at all in some cases. But instead of having them fixed, dealt with and removed we are just instructed to not instigate them. Don’t do that or else face the dire consequences and the hell if we happen to trespass the red borderlines that are drawn around us. Constructs of curious thoughts, sometimes even needs, drive us to cross these lines even at the price of the redemption that awaits on the other side. It’s like Windows giving you a list of stuff that if done will cause the OS to crash and to make sure you don’t try them the system will inflict damage to the data already in the desks as a disciplinary measure.

To follow this road is to get lost so I thought I’d just stop here

The Chronicles of a Survivor (2)

Gliding near the edge of a pitfall, looking down at the people who were stupid enough to fall down. It surely feels too dump for you to believe that someone could be so ignorant to fall down. I wish I can describe the thoughts going inside the head of someone who’s already fallen down, walking around down there and looking at you wandering outside his hole-realm.

The Chronicles of a Survivor (1)

As I was telling Xzeer the other day, we are creatures intermingled with our own worlds. The flawless flow of thoughts is what keeps the body from collapsing out of the world it dug itself in. If the stream of thoughts gets interrupted we will regain perception of the real world and it might be painful.

The Matrix

Yesterday I got, finally, to finish watching the 3 parts of Matrix. I remember watching the first part soon after it was released but I missed the 2nd and 3rd parts. I have to say that Matrix 2 and 3 sucked major ass. They were not just sucky, they actually managed to disturb me. I’ve always thought Matrix is one of the best movies ever and I still think so.

The first part was introducing a nice idea. A new concept that’s nice to imagine and believe in (temporarily at least). But the 2nd and 3rd parts were like: Now you know what this is all about, let’s start with the visual effects. Neo flying was somehow ok… but did he need to hold his fist in that superman way?! Matrix reloaded didn’t offer any kind of end whatsoever. I really wonder if people who went to the movies to watch it actually knew the movie did finish before the title were displayed. And in the 3rd part they changed Neo into Illidan? I’m blind not deaf mode! He can sense robots? And then that band he wore to cover his eyes really reminded me of Illidan that for a while I thought they might have actually stolen the idea.

 The way I see it, it was 1st part “Neo becoming god”, 2nd part “Wrath of the god 1”, 3rd part “Wrath of the god 2”. I’m sure there were other ways to make money out of the 2 last movies without ruining the whole story, which btw ended with a lame peace!

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Band of the Week



 I am gone
Everybody’s raging
And these fruits
They still taste of poison
I wasn’t around
When you really needed me

I can’t sleep
Why can’t someone hold me
I need warmth
A restless body cracks some more
I won’t have the strength
When you really needed me

Happy… Birthday … Elune !

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Many years ago today
Something grew inside of your mother
That thing was YOU!


You! You! You! You!
Did she scream? Did she cry?
Only those that are born are ones that get to die!

One more year closer to dying
Body, organs ripping, rotting,
Biological Discordance
Birthday equals self-abhorrance

R.S.V.P. Please
For the death of thee
You have little time
You’re running out of life

Happy… Birthday… You’re gonna die!

Die, Die! Deth Day!
Birthday, Deth Day!
Die Die! Deth (Deth) Day!
Birthday, Deth (Deth) Day!
Die-die, Deth-day
Birth-day, Deth-day!