9 thoughts on “FREE massively multiplayer game

  1. lool thanx for the post man :), but i never liked the web based games .
    and MMO fallout is “frouned upon ” by the fallout community .
    it has sth to do with being able to survive alone and kill as much mutants as u can , akh the good old fallout!

  2. what the? the terms says if you live in some states including Connecticut u r not allowed to participate in the game or win any prizes? WHY i live in Connecticut and beside yuri, really next time put a description of the game

  3. Oh, and I myself am playing one of these text based games. It’s called Tribalwars.


    There are no prizes that I know of. The main theme of the game is to start a village, upgrade mines and farms to collect resources and then get barracks, stables to build a military force to conquer other players’ villages. What’s pretty about it is that it has a good active community. About 600,000 players (as they claim) but I’d say at least one third of them is actually playing.

    If you get to start an account make it in the south western side of world number 10. Quel’Thalas is my village’s name.

  4. sry s3d! bs it was a code! I forget how start a text in a code bs now I remember it may be smthing like this! beside I wanted to write little breif about it bs in comments bs I forgot! anyways it is a nice game! am enjoying it now! and man join us in the fight club on facebook! it is awesome! visit my profile and see the app it is at the end of my profile!

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