8 thoughts on “1995 – 1996 ..

  1. nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah Severus from the ” before ” time! and Elune u look so peacefull there, the sad times!

    P.S : i spotted a homocidal tendencies in one of the girls, guess who ? 😛

  2. We had a crush on the 5th girl from the left in the front row. She was called Lina Musmar. Well, it was like a war or common little boys-girls hatred but deep deep deep (as a deep a 10 yrs old guy can be) I had something for her.

  3. wait wait, u had a crush on her or WE( u and severus ) did ? i want to know if severus had a heart at the age of 10, coz the boy-liking-girl phase ended at the age 9 for me

  4. Yes WE had a major thing for her, thou we didnt knew it at that time ! at least for me , we were trying to cover it by hate !

    and U black a$$hole, i was 8 at that Time !

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