I : Hitman 47

so when i was in Germany, i participated in a brain experiment thingy…and one of the tests was MRI …you know the big machine with a lot of noise…and then my friend sent me the pictures the got and a cool program to edit them…what you see is a 3D image of my head…and if you look i look like hitman :)…do not be jealous guys…

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7 thoughts on “I : Hitman 47

  1. severus …i think its time for the smack AI .
    beware guys the mafia will come to life! details are yet to come.
    and frankly u look like the ” yekhreb betak ya ostaz nefesa ” guy

  2. yea! now I know it! I took a pic with a device named ct! it look like MRI but with a little difference! u can see ur head layers! starting with ur visible face! bs shklak zay ele mrabee sksoka 😉

  3. man u look butt ugly.. and not in a cool way… really dont ever do that MRI- pic again, and NO its NOT a chick magnet .. dumbdum
    and Yes .. Supreme KI thats the first thing i saw .. the saksokeeh …

  4. why some of the advertisements are indecent? “Attract beautiful women” “Be a woman who men love” “black guys white girls” “sexy rugby women”

    they started okay, but apparently they are going down (don;t take them off yet, let’s discuss our options)

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