Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Review (personal review)

Guys, this movie is the bomb
ok not completely but if you barely liked the first one, and even hated the second one, you still have a very good chance to like or love this one. I didn’t expect much of the movie, i thought it gonna be shooting and zombies, but this one is pretty cool.

Of course it has its stupid moments, where the main actress need to spsin her machettes every now and then to look hardcore, but in general the movie is really interesting. it has around 10 unexpected pop ups, which caused me and the three guys with me to jitter suddenly for couple of seconds, and sometimes scream somthing like ” what the …!”.

the movie is nice, the story is simple, not stupid, but simple, i like the idea this time it got to do with differnt settings than the dark city, this time the whole world is infected and group of survivors travel together in school buses (like always) and fortified hammers. the story doesn’t focus on one aspect, it is after all a simple movie. i like it. it got actions in it of course, they show you the main actress thigh alot, since everything other is covered ( which i don’t think is that good) she made her cover herself completely except for 10 cm circle from her mini shorts till here super long boots or something, so you barely know what they are if it was zoomed it.

anyway i movie is pretty decent, i really recommend it for people who remotley liked resident evil 1 or 2. i totally think this one is better than the previous 2 movies.
here is some pics
The main actress

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  1. I never watched or played this whole thing be4! but I knew a little about the 3rd story becuz I played it but did not end it! probably becuz I started playing a better game. I’ll try and watch it! btw it seems like a movie about iraq 😉

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