This is the funniest thing i have seen in days – – Just leave her guys .. you guys !

and No-thanks Haitham for it :@

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9 thoughts on “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

  1. mwaaaaaaahahahaha i’ll quote one of the comments on youtube.com ”

    ” Shit, you make Mr. Garrison on southpark look like a normal person you sick freak “

  2. what the? i only watched it hoping for a nice video that ends up with a joke, especially we don’t see his/her other arm, and the background is weird cover or something.

    dude i can’t see how this is funny. i was really annoyed by the high pitch voice with no funny ending

  3. SAAD .. whats wrong with you , thats dead funny man … and i think u have some sand in your vagina for getting annoyed and not finding it funny !
    at least this is better than your Jokes

  4. “LEAVE HER ALOOOONE :'( ” u dont find that funny ? i admit i couldnt finish watching the movie coz its really creepy , but i laughed so hard at this “dude” , and the weird cover thing is what faggy ppl do when they feel annoyed/scarred .

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