Girls and Women in The new Zain Campaign – a Letter by Diala Khasawnih

I think Zain is sexist brad, after their new logo the “Zain Wella BiZain ” ( here is a Photo by Moey ..) to clarify things ( click to see full size)

Zain wella BiZain

I received this by email, and i guess in some sort she got a good point , i really wanna know the genius behind the Ad campaign ,

—– Original Message —–

From: Diala


Cc: ; ; ;

Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 11:21 AM

Subject: Zain Campaign

Dear Mr. Barrak,

Dear Zain,

Since your campaign arrived to our landscapes and our visual surroundings in Amman, we have often referred to it. We say, it is large, it is expensive, it is widespread and it is sexist. Do you know what sexism is? It is when your images portray women only as creatures that do not leave the side of their mirror. According to Zain CEO, Mr. Al-Barrak in his welcome message, “That brand is Zain. It will be the Group’s master corporate brand, resounding to our corporate heartbeat… fresh, bold, and energetic. ” However this fresh “heartbeat” must be male only. Women, according to Zain, only care to wear perfume and jewelery while spending their days looking at themselves in a mirror. How is this campaign “bold” if your campaign does not go beyond the portrayal of women at their most stereotype image? How is this campaign “energetic” if these women, your campaign presents, can only look as far as their reflection in a mirror?

Do you know the women who use your services? As Mr Al- Barrak said in reference to Zain “growing from modest beginnings in Kuwait to a team of more than 13,000 employees serving over 32 million customers in seven Middle Eastern and 14 sub-Saharan African countries.” How many women are there in these numbers? 5000 employees and 10 million customers, offering them just a third of your enterprise although they probably are at least 50%? Did you include, consider or think of the thousands of young women who are studying, the thousands of career women, the thousands of doctors and artists and mothers and factory workers and media operators, the thousands of managers and CEO’s and directors and founders of their own businesses?

“The Zain brand and its new theme – A Wonderful World – capture the energy, inspiration and diversity of the Group’s customers, employees and other stakeholders.” What energy, inspiration and DIVERSITY are captured in the images of women in your campaign that cannot dream, or wish, or want, or need anything beyond their superficial perfume or mirror?

Dear Zain,

Congratulations for a campaign that has forced itself into our conversation and thought. This might be your target and aim, however, I see your campaign (your campaign portrays you) as narrow scoped, superficial and demeaning to women. Need I point to you that when you are demeaning to women, you place yourself in a position both demeaning to your community and to yourself.

Please do not hesitate to communicate with any of the highly qualified persons, men and women in any of the 7 Middle Eastern countries and 14 sub-Saharan African countries , who can assist you and advice you in how to be a company that represents, along with commercial success, social awareness and cultural sensitivity.

I suggest you forward this to your advertising consultants and agencies.


Diala Khasawnih

Amman, Jordan

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13 thoughts on “Girls and Women in The new Zain Campaign – a Letter by Diala Khasawnih

  1. guys i am really felt left out, what the hell is wrong with zain thing? explain to me min ta2ta2 la elsalam alaikom, i missed out how they started and why they r gaining hate, and can i see sample of the things she said in this email, some ads or anything to show how the ceo is a sexist???

  2. Just google “Zain Ad” or “Zain Ad campaign ” or visit the website of Zain Jordan, you can google that to find it … and when did we say that the “how the ceo is a sexist??? ” dude read, malak el yoom, sheklha mssa6leeh ma33ak

  3. lol! I have been away for one night! and I came to find 3 posts! Severus hating zain seems to be contagious! let us just spread it all around 😉

  4. first of all, the writer (and her writing) is very confusing. I have no idea what is so “sexist” about zain and I don’t believe it was firmly established throughout this “letter”.


    “Do you know what sexism is? It is when your images portray women only as creatures that do not leave the side of their mirror.”


    Sexism is a form of discrimination based on gender. A less-qualified man gets the job over the more-qualified woman because it’s a man’s world, etc etc.

    I think this article is more concerned with the superficial portrayal of the female role in society, i.e. gender-based stereotypes.

  5. lol! malik unbelieveable! I had a dream that u came back to your mind and started commenting again 😉 walla 2shee! welcome back bro (if u wanna say eno u r not back then keep it for ur self 😉 )

  6. actually i agree with nas , i didnt get whats so sexist about zain , and yeah i do believe that women doesnt leave the side of mirror and u can see that by comparing money spent on makeup versus money spent on books/ education .
    so before u start with the ” u sexist , u woman hater ” and all that , fix ur goddamn minds.

  7. wazaaaa,

    i am taking an extra course called “gender identity and something something” the idea we compare both of them. i am taking this course as extra hoping for honors degree, anyway i need to do something extra for this course to get the honors thingy, so i am thinking comparing females and males minds. i wanna make some kind of survey about math and in the university and who get higher grades. i will think about something, but if you want me to do something special, tell me, and i might do it. and then we will have data to back up our arguments. maybe i can make a survey on how much females pend on beautifications vs. men. even though i prefer something to prove men are smarter 😀

    anyway ideas, post them.

    and about this post, i still don’t understand why zain is bad or why it is sexist, the site severus gave me looked completely normal.

  8. saad this is the lamest comment ever, the lamest project ever … maybe u should make a survey on how much i can bend ur a$$ with a spoon , that would get u better result man !

  9. I’d have to agree that Zain is not sexit in any way. I think you’re referring to the “Mir2ati, Mjawharati” thingy but let’s look at it this way; They’re posting a kid’s pic and besides it it says “7awd Asmaki”. I would be offended if I was a small kid. At least the small kid inside got offended. It just makes whoever is responsible for this promotional campaign a total retard rather than sexist.

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