Gangsta Iftar Party

I had this video for over a year now
and i wanted to share its done by thugs rap about their obsession with free iftars provided by their MSA.

Wake up late, again, during Ramadan
And I’m like, oh snap, is that the adan?
Dang, is it time to break our fast already?
Can’t wait for iftar- halal meatballs and spaghetti
Call Mansoor just to see what he’s doin’
Hello? What up, Mani? Yo Abbas what’s crackin?
My stomach is all angry because food is lackin’
You thinking what I’m thinking? MSA man it’s happenin’
But you know what the both of us forgot to do?
Before we leave the crib we gotta made our wudu
Yeah dawg, tru dat, double true!

So the sistas like “why all this hysteria?”
Sistas please, we lookin for the wudu area
We do our wudu, now we getting’ real hungry
Running to Kerkhoff like fobs in a jalde
People lookin at us funny, but we don’t hate
We hittin up MSA to grub on some dates
“No cuts, no butts, no coconuts sucka!”
Whatcha gonna do? Date attack !@#$% #*&^%

Two no six no twelve baker’s dozen
I told you that I’m crazy bout these dates, cousin
Give me my date or Imma get vicious
Samosas plus dates equals crazy delicious
So I need to take a break to keep this temper in line
Don’t mess with a Muslim, are you outta yo mind?

Sistas in one line and brothas in the otha
Cause, God forbid, we look at each otha
Stugs man, lower your gaze, can’t even look
We’ll just go back and check em out on facebook
Where we can check their profiles ten times a day
And try to convince the others that we haven’t turned gay
Well I think Myspace is better by a mile
Why dawg? Cause you can check everyone’s profile
What? Even if they go to another school?
Yeeeeahh. That’s what I’m talking about fool
After grub we wonderin’ what we doing today
Man, let’s just go the masjid and pray
Yeah dawg, Taraweeh is hella tight
Yeah you know and MSA is outta sight
Oh snap, but now we gotta make our salat
Ima stay 8 nah maybe 20 rakat

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5 thoughts on “Gangsta Iftar Party

  1. Dude, u got me scared, i just came back from buying 164 dollars worth of raw food for the free iftar this friday, man u scared me, it is like something wierd

    so the msa here having free iftar too on friday, wanna, come, com, it is 200 bloomfield ave, west hartford, ct

  2. well, when i first saw the post, i was excited, read the poem and i was really excited to hear the song, i wasn’t ab;e to since i was in the university lab.

    and the words of the songs pretty nice, and ryhme in a nice way, but i just heard it and i was disappointed, i feel really bad, i was really expecting cool song, but the way they sing it it is bad, i think we can do a better version, the lyrics is nice, maybe that should be our next project (or first project we actually do completely)

    what you guys think? besides xzeer since he already commented

  3. The Words, the performance is pretty good, And NO we cant do anything even close to this , and its a cool song, and got some nice meaning , and hehe good luck in us doing a project 😛

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