Zain is Hebrew for “a d*ck”

Zain is Hebrew for “a d*ck”

so I would not give that name to a child if I were you !

and thats a bad news for already “Zain” Girls 😛

accourding to This website



aaa and not to forget its also for The New “ZAIN” company (Old fastlink and MTC ) , does that mean that this is the way they are gonna treat customers ??

and move on to the conspiracy theory  , NOw we have “Orange” from israel and we Have “Zain” that mean a “D*ck” in Hebrew , cant u see The conclusion ??

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12 thoughts on “Zain is Hebrew for “a d*ck”

  1. damn “zain ” company flooded me with sms msgs all day , and i sleep all day so grrr :@ , and i dont know if i want a girl’s name on my mobile all the time ,i might change to orange

  2. man what did u used to call ur little thing when u was a little baby? we used to call it zaina I do not know if u all used this name! so man I can see people are already hating zain! victory! another thing orange is french! israel is one of their markets like jordan is now! so why we do not say orange is jordanian???

  3. Here’s something interesting. I was reading some old newpaper, Al Ghad, that was dated Septemper 9th, 2007. In the economics section of the newspaper there was this nice article about Zain. I’ll quote:

    “Ùˆ تم اختيار اسم زين نظرا لبساطته Ùˆ سهولة حفظه في كافة الأسواق العالمية. Ùˆ يعني اسم زين بالعربية الجميل والجيد والرائع، وباللاتينية يعني الحصان ألأسود كما لديه معان إيجابية في عدد من الثقافات الأخرى في افريقيا Ùˆ آسيا Ùˆ اوروبا وغيرها. وتم اختباره في عدد من الأسواق للتأكد من القبول الذي يلقاه لدى العامة.”

    Seems like someone in Zain got to read this post 😀

  4. loool thats funny, seems mafia is starting to get public , that means that ppl seem to forget the first rule of mafia ” we do not talk about mafia! unless u get food in return “

  5. what i think is the name Zain came from the following
    The head of branding in MTC called the owner which is kwaiti and asked himm “Sir.. do you think Lamees is a good name insted of MTC” , and the kwaiti guy replied “Zain youbba ” which mean “OK man” in kwaiti slang. so the guy took the “Zain” from it

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