NEW TV Show : “The IT Crowd” , and the Anti-Piracy Ad

Here is a new TV show i have been downloading in the past few days , really dead funny

Its just like the office, but for IT OP , its a MUST watch .. dead funny.. The latest episode (Moss and the German) began with a anti-piracy ad that is – of course – ridiculing all those anti-piracy advertisements that we are forced to see when watching a movie in the local cinema.

Guess where they are watching the movie.. hehe.

What can you expect from the various episodes ? A death clock episode for instance. You might remember the websites that display the time of your death after you enter some data. Pretty funny if you happen to die tomorrow, ain’t it ?

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One thought on “NEW TV Show : “The IT Crowd” , and the Anti-Piracy Ad

  1. killer series but hardly new (started last year) and just like the office there is an american spin off coming soon (mid sept.) totally worth checking out 🙂
    oh since u guys like anime go watch claymore u’ll like it alot 😛

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