12 thoughts on “Melissa Bedtime Stories – A Modern Look at Fairy Tale Heroines – PG +16

  1. what story is the last picture, i can’t figure it out, and the lady may look nice, be she looks like she has an attitude, that ain’t cool

  2. the one where the girl got a long hair, and she get her hair our from the tower window so her lover can climb it , and get to her, and do sweet sweet lover, then kill the guy who abducted her??

  3. i just went on google and search for melissa bedtime stories, and apparenlty it is a shoe company, and that was their ad. it was weird, the main question i found on couple of comments in other sites, is how female shoes company expect profit from an ad targeting males’ fantasies?

  4. i just noticed, there is a guy under the bed of the first picture (snowhite picture) hehehhehehehhe

  5. slvador what might be strange to u is that foot fetish is very common , i personally know 2 guys that only care for legs and feet, seriously they have no desire what so ever for the other ” stuff” .
    and women shoes is the main part of that so its actually a very good adv!..and i liked the last pic the most coz of the long hair 😀

  6. When i am at work, i check jordanmafia like 10 times a day, and the first picture i see is the melissa bedtime stories, so i can easily notice many things.

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